Team asks not to be judged by video after athlete’s death

Taboão Magnus, a women’s futsal team, justified itself about the moment when the club’s athletes found out about the death of teammate Pietra Medeiros, diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, last Friday.

The cast of Taboão learned of Pietra’s death shortly after the end of the match against Female/Unochapecó, also on Friday, when he was still on the court. A video of the match broadcast shows the players devastated and in a state of shock at the news. The club asked not to be judged.

“We ask that you do not judge the moment when our athletes learned the news. We know that the video is impactful, that perhaps that was not the moment. However, to clarify, it was not necessary to talk about the death of our dear Pietra. communication was in the eyes. Immediately after the end of the match, the first question of all was: ‘What about Pietra??? News???'”, wrote Taboão in a statement published on Instagram.

“We had cruel moments in the many 16 days. Our 24h thought was about her. There was no need to answer, the sad look said it all. The low head of our supervisor, who bravely held the news for hours, alone, respecting the family’s request , it was enough for everyone to understand that Pi had left us.”

Taboão also announced that it will compete in the Women’s Futsal World Cup, a competition between clubs from different countries that starts today in Campo Grande.

“Please respect our moment of pain, don’t judge. Our mourning will be on the court, every day, because that’s where our Pi was happy. For this reason, we communicate that, in honor of Pietra, who really wanted to be in final list of the World Cup, we will play the competition. It will be in the overcoming and in the love that we are looking for to rise”, wrote the club.

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