The fascination with twins in entertainment

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08/21/2022 15:42

echoes took just a few hours to break into the top 10 of Netflix in the most watched series in Brazil.

We can look for some reasons why this happened so naturally. Many may use the simplistic argument that echoes a Hollywood production, therefore, this would be some synonym of production quality and technique; while others can point to the genre of suspense and mystery, as the end of attraction among subscribers who enjoy the tension existing by the narrative that lasts until the end, generally.

These and other arguments are organically acceptable to try to explain why echoes already appearing on the podium of the streaming platform Netflix.

However, we have another less cited claim, referring to the use of identical twin characters – as well as doubles or doppelgngers – within the audiovisual.

For those who grew up in Brazil – naturally used to telenovelas – there is already a regular habit from time to time to turn on the television and analyze some twins being portrayed by some Brazilian actors and actresses of great caliber, such as: Eva Wilma, Nvea Maria , Tony Ramos, Francisco Cuoco, Christiane Torloni, Antnio Fagundes, Glria Pires, Murilo Bencio, Mateus Solano, and etc…

While cinema is not far behind in the same aspect, having already presented identical or similar pairs that are more than memorable, such as Kim Novak in Hitchcock’s classic The Body Falls (1958), or Jeremy Irons in Twins: Mr. ) by David Cronenberg, or Nicolas Cage in Adaptation (2002) by Spike Jonze, and so on.

Now: why do we have so many identical (duplicated) twins being portrayed within the audiovisual? And what is the reason for the fascination among the public with the reproduction of similar characters in soap operas, series and movies?

Well, the answer to the first one is quite easy to answer, since it relies on the second question, which corresponds to the charm and seduction among the general public in – time after time – witnessing mirrored figures on stage.

While the answer to the second question is in a more open area, where we can verbalize proposals and theories in an attempt to understand something that is not absolute, defined. Even so, it is worth discussing the subject a lot, as it proposes curious and intriguing variables.

In real life, it is inevitable not to notice a pair of twins when they are in the same place. First, there is that fascination of observing doubles and analyzing the absurd level of similarity between them. We are often shocked when we look even more closely, only to move on to the second part of our observation: finding the physical differences

Generally, we look for scars, moles and warts to differentiate between ‘equals’. Something quite curious, given that these marks of the epidermis can be considered as imperfections in a (superficially) symmetrical composition in the eyes of the most rudimentary.

Of course, such distinguishing features do not prove sufficiently remarkable in most cases. We usually go to personality traits to highlight who who among identical peers.

This is one of the main reasons for so much appeal and appreciation for the representation of twins within the audiovisual, in this case, going beyond physicality and entering the development of the personalities presented on stage.

Naturally we began to question how beings so similar can be so different!

We have already seen in the audiovisual, that old proposal of the good twin and the evil twin, over and over again. Of course, here, we have something extremely simplified, but that serves as an argument to understand part of the public’s attraction to such figures.

(Still) we can dive deep and philosophize on the question of what identity means, beyond the subjectivity belonging to the subject. We are also able to explore the dream field (dream nature) of it all!

But returning echoes gives Netflixit is worth mentioning that the great popular appeal of the series is based on the idea of ​​finding the individuality of each of these sisters, played by actress Michelle Monaghan, more than actually rescuing the missing sister – whatever she may be – or unraveling the pathological roots that led to such an outcome.

Despite the (very) problematic script, we have in echoes some good reasons to remain interested in the lives of duplicate beings.

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