The first of the last three Boeing 747s to be manufactured in history flies

The Boeing 747 returning, in a beautiful scene from the video below

This week, the first of the last three Jumbo Jets to be manufactured in the more than 40-year history of producing one of the most successful models in aviation flew for the first time this week.

The Boeing 747-8F, part number 1572 and registration number N861GT, had been seen leaving the production hangar on August 1, and has since been preparing for its first test flight.

As informed by planespotter Baqir, who monitors the movement of the planes at Paine Field airport, where the production line of the Boeing 747 is located, on Thursday, August 18, the Jumbo was conducted in two ground tests, with high braking. velocity.

Then, on Friday, the 19th, the pilots took off the big freighter for the first time.

Image: Baqir_KPAE

According to data from the RadarBox online tracking platform, the flight of the N861GT lasted about 3 hours and 20 minutes and included several approach and go-around operations at Moses Lake Airport, another base heavily used by Boeing and not far from Paine Field.

The flight of the N861GT – Image: RadarBox

This plane, like the previous one and the last two, is destined for the North American airline Atlas Air, the world’s largest operator of Boeing 747 aircraft, with almost 50 units in the fleet between the 747-400, 747-400F and 747 models. -8F.

Boeing will deliver the last of these three remaining Jumbos later this year 2022, after producing more than 1570 units since 1968.

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