TIM creates an online channel to explain which plan Oi’s migrated customers will have

THE TIM started sending to some customers Hi a link of an online channel with more information about the migration process of operator and with the plan that users will have in the new mobile phone company.

On the page, the customer needs to enter the mobile number that will be migrated from Oi to TIM. After that, a confirmation code is sent to the device. After the confirmation process is complete, the user is directed to the new offer (plan).

TIM’s special migration channel can be accessed through this link.

It is worth remembering that Oi’s mobile telephony division was sold to a sort of consortium formed by operators TIM, Vivo and Claro. The customer migration process is happening gradually and by sectors.

Operator TIM divided the process into two major stages expected to be completed in 12 monthscounted from April of this year, when the deal was closed. The first foresaw the integration of the networks 30 days after the closing of the purchase.

The second stage will be carried out in the second quarter and will involve transferring data from Oi Móvel’s customers to TIM’s systems. In this way, all charges and consumption management will be assumed by the operator.

The recommendation is that the customer waits for the migration process to avoid fines. Finally, the division of customers will be done by area code and TIM will receive Oi Móvel subscribers from the following codes listed below:

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