“Unbelievable he did that”; Referee Ramon Abatti makes a bizarre mistake on the score sheet and Palmeiras’ twisted revolt on the web

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Verdão tied the clash against Flamengo at home and there were some controversies in the match

- Ramon Abatti
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Palmeiras follows the beat in the Brazilian championship to be champion. The game against Flamengo was a chance for the Cariocas to try to close the gap, but they couldn’t. The match ended in a 1-0 tie and Verdão remains more in the lead than ever. The next match will be against Fluminense, the new vice-leader, next weekend.

At the end of the match, there were many Palmeiras complaining about a move between Arturo Vidal and Gustavo Gomez, where the Flamengo midfielder pushed the Palmeiras defender into the area. If the referee scored, it would be a maximum penalty for Alviverde. The referee, however, did not take the field and was not called by the members of the VAR.

Another situation that greatly irritated the fans was a mistake bizarre committed by Ramon Abatti in the match summary. Palmeiras’ goal was scored by Raphael Veigaon a kick outside the area, however, the referee wrote in the official document that Gustavo Scarpa is the one who would have swung the nets.

The “Disney” channel arbitrage commentator, Renata Ruelwas highly critical of this error: “The CBF refereeing elite managed to miss whoever scored in the Palmeiras x Flamengo scoresheet. This can’t even be a mistake of those who are starting, before we were punished if this happened”, said on his Twitter.

It is worth mentioning that, despite this mess, Abel Ferreira praised the refereeing during the press conference: “In addition to two great teams, the referee was very good. Me sometimes when I say we have to rejuvenate that’s it. It’s giving opportunities to younger referees, who also want to make a career, and giving them opportunities to play this type of game to see if they have the capacity or not. And honestly, I think it went really well. The same criterion for both sides. At one point I made an observation, a foul on Scarpa that he didn’t call. Then he didn’t score either, in our favor. Then I realized that the criteria were the same. There were three great teams in the game”, opined.

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