What will be the new professions that can emerge with Web 3.0?

Still under development, Web3 (or Web 3.0) can give rise to a number of new occupations. And, like any new technology, it will increase the demand for specialized professionals, says Eliney Sabino, coordinator of courses in digital games and management and information technology at Centro Universitário Facens.

Considered the “great evolution of the internet”, Web3 will allow machines to interpret a much greater volume of data.

It will also “decentralize” this information, possibly increasing the autonomy of independent creators and users, and decreasing those of companies known as Big Tech. The expectation is that we will interact much more deeply with other users from any platform (including the metaverse).

In this brave new world of digital possibilities, learn about some professions that can rock:

Metaverse planner (metaverse planner)

Average wage: initially you can receive between BRL 2,500 to BRL 3,000, with the possibility of reaching BRL 15,000

What will you do: apply strategic communication actions that are established within a segment of the metaverse.

Currently, the Metaverse can be defined as a digital reality, related to the traditional internet, but with elements of social networks, augmented reality, online games and cryptocurrencies that allow users to act and interact virtually.

“When we talk about the Metaverse, the idea is very simple. Imagine going to the mall without leaving your home, using only a virtual reality glasses. Your image is projected wherever you go, getting to know places, traveling, all without leaving your place, experiencing , sounds, aromas and feelings, as if he were present, but totally distant”, explains Sabino.

So far, not even 5% of the Metaverse’s capacity has been exploited, according to Roberto Gondo, professor of competitive intelligence at Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Ecosys planner (ecosystem planner)

Average wage: initially you can receive between BRL 2,500 to BRL 3,000, with the possibility of reaching BRL 15,000

What are you going to do: understand the communication and marketing strategies of a brand that occur outside the metaverse, but aligning it with these new opportunities, in a “360 degree” view.

“As an example, we can think of Coca-Cola, which always launches a global campaign with multiple manifestations: on TV, on the streets, on websites, on influencer profiles. That is, it is everywhere, but still needs integration The ecosys planner will know how to use the best strategies in a digital environment”, explains Gondo.

Avatar stylist (avatar stylist)

Average wage: initially you can receive between BRL 2,500 to BRL 3,000, with the possibility of reaching BRL 15,000

What are you going to do: create the overall style of a character in the metaverse, from real-world references and digital possibilities. In addition to clothing, this professional will be responsible for the personality and style of the avatar, aiming to attract a larger audience.

“Today it seems funny to discuss whether this can really exist. But let’s remember what we used to say 10 or 15 years ago: ‘look, there will be cloud storage’. People laughed,” says Gondo.

“That concern about how that avatar, that digital individual, is going to behave in that digitized society is going to be absolutely relevant.”

Blockchain Engineer

Average wage: BRL 10 thousand. According to experts, there is a possibility of receiving between R$ 5 thousand to R$ 30 thousand.

What are you going to do: designing the security and architecture of a system. It creates the foundation upon which software developers will later build applications and systems. In this way, products that involve crypto assets, for example, can be marketed safely within a fully immersive virtual environment that will be safer.

Mixed reality developer for the metaverse

Average wage: between BRL 8 thousand to BRL 15 thousand

What are you going to do: replicate reality and create new ones through digital devices. This means that, when a person accesses a 2D website, they will be involved in an immersive experience, which will provide virtual actions and interactions with other people and content, as if they were inside a video game.

“For example: imagine a Formula 1 race, where a racing driver drives his vehicle remotely, and the driver and the crowd can experience all the sensations of a competition normally”, explains Sabino.

Metaverse scientific researcher

Average wage: BRL 13,580

What are you going to do: create applications of the metaverse, as it will not be built by system code alone. The work will involve functional infrastructures and solutions involving sensors, cameras, headsets and virtual glasses. The objective of this professional will be to intertwine the digital and physical world, assembling or adapting equipment, or even developing new tools.

Ecosystem developer for the metaverse

Average wage: from BRL 10,750 to BRL 18,050

What are you going to do: ensure that the various functionalities created are possible on a large scale, without neglecting operability, that is, providing a customer of the new virtual world to use the items acquired in different experiences.

what else can come

Web3 will allow the adaptation of several current careers to the virtual world. For example, the decorator or realtor in the metaverse.

In law, for example, there will be professionals who will take care of digital specifics in the new legal concepts within the metaverse. Pietra Quinelato, coordinator at the mansur wall Lawyers, highlights that lawyers will also play an active role in the protection of brands, software, copyrights and patents.

“Criminal lawyers are dealing with harassment cases reported in the metaverse. Real estate lawyers have already been asked about property tokenization. And it doesn’t stop there… The legal challenges are many and are just beginning to be explored.” alert.

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