40-meter superyacht sinks off the coast of Italy; watch the video – News

A 40-meter-long yacht sank at sea last Saturday (20), in the Gulf of Squillace, close to the Italian coast.

The luxury vessel had been in trouble since the night before it sank, when the coast guard was alerted that the stern, aft section of the yacht, was starting to fill with water. The crew and passengers were rescued a few hours after the call.

Despite efforts to save the yacht the following morning, which had the help of a tugboat, weather conditions worsened, and by Saturday afternoon the vessel was practically submerged.

Watch the video:

It is possible to see, with the passage of a few hours, how the vessel was sinking, until it sank.

There is no information on the amount the owner paid for the yacht, called My Saga, created by an Italian company and inaugurated in 2007.

However, vessels similar to this model are on sale for values ​​ranging between 5 million and 10 million euros (R$ 25 million and R$ 50 million).

In a ranking made by the Super Yacht Times, My Saga was considered the 2,284th largest yacht in the world. Also according to the website, the vessel was sold this year by an “unlucky” buyer, who saw the vessel go down the water.

* Intern at R7, under the supervision of Pablo Marques

Square in Venice, Italy, flooded after high tide

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