7 high-paying professions that will stand out in the coming years

The advantages of resorting to training that allows the search for vacancies required in the future are many: higher salaries, greater number of vacancies and competition in companies for qualified professionals and less initial competition in certain functions.

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Potential for financial return and recognition

By being able to do what other professionals do not know, because they did not pay attention to new opportunities, it is possible to obtain a better financial return. Recognition based on a career plan or greater autonomy, due to the possibility of providing services remotely, make some proposals undeniable.

Find out which are the most valued professions today

Tech Recruiter

Tech Recruiter works exclusively by recruiting people from technology area that have the ability to meet the technological demands of organizations.

Therefore, in addition to having previous knowledge of programming and internal needs, he knows how to assess the competence of each candidate, paying attention to their credentials. Despite working in the human resources area, he is usually an executive with higher salaries than other recruiters.

data engineer

The data engineer structures systems for capturing, treating and managing important information base. In this way, the professional can define exactly what is needed to develop software that will automate business processes, transforming information into knowledge, indispensable in decision making.

Cybersecurity Specialist

The cybersecurity specialist has an important legal role in the company, by preventing fines from being imposed if the rules of the General Data Protection Law be ignored. Currently, a series of measures are required regarding the relationship with consumers, and it is the responsibility of the professional to promote a safe virtual environment for employees and customers.

Website Reliability Engineer (SRE)

In this case, the website engineer also builds websites and other digital program models, seeking to increase user responsiveness and security. Therefore, it allows the experience of people who access a certain page to be the best possible.

Traffic Manager

The traffic manager allows the largest number of people aimed at a specific audience to receive the message of marketing campaigns, enhancing the visibility of a brand.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning, aimed at artificial intelligence programming, is one of the skills most valued by companies working with cutting-edge technology. From structuring solutions using AI to configuring a service BOT, there are many possibilities for action.

UX Researcher

The customer experience specialist seeks to research consumer journeys and develop an action plan, seeking to make each person experience a service or purchase a product in an unforgettable way.

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