Bolsonaro leaves unharmed and punches Globo without touching her

Bolsonaro obtained in the interview with Jornal Nacional two feats. He emerged unscathed from the clash with William Bonner and Renata Vasconcelos. And he delivered an unprecedented punch in boxing. He punched Grupo Globo without touching it. In rehearsed gestures, the captain waved his hands open in front of the cameras. In his left hand he held a glue. On it were the names of three countries —Nicaragua, Argentina and Colombia— and of one person: Dario Messer, the “money changer of money changers.”

Bolsonaro needed no glue to remember the three countries he included in the “red wave” sweeping the continent. They were just annotated to make the glue more eye-catching. It was Messer that the interviewee wanted to highlight, as if inviting the viewer to Google his name. This is combined with his son Carlos Bolsonaro, manager of the gear that industrializes Bolsonarist hatred.

Pilled on Lava Jato, Dario Messer made a plea bargain in 2020. He said he had transferred dollars in cash to the Marinho family in the 1990s. In a note, the owners of Grupo Globo denied having carried out foreign exchange operations in the clandestine market. Citing him, Bolsonaro would embitter the backlash of a formal denial. Displayed surreptitiously, the slander won the social networks with no response.

Aside from the blow below the waistline, Bolsonaro went through the 40 minutes of the interview dodging Bonner and Renata’s jabs with the usual dodges: lies, half-truths and manipulations. Invited to make a commitment to accept the result of the polls, he said that he will respect it, if the elections are “clean”. He means: he will only tolerate his own victory. He denied the offenses to ministers of the Supreme, even having called one a “scoundrel” and another a “son of a bitch”. He fabled about the environment, outsourced blame on the economy, classified the coup of his devotees as “freedom of expression”, tortured vaccines and defended chloroquine.

Urged to review the absurd statements about the pandemic, Bolsonaro preferred to continue ignoring the more than 680,000 autopsies rather than making a self-criticism. Chased by Renata with the imitation of a breathless Covid patient, the captain was on the verge of losing his cool. He held back the momentum.

Overall, Bolsonaro lied and deflected with respect and sobriety. In other words, he sounded on the Jornal Nacional bench as if he was completely out of his mind. And he even boasts that he went to the interview with no training! He said nothing capable of seducing crowds of poor voters or undecided former Bolsonaristas. Nor did he steal Lula’s votes, spared throughout the interview. But it is certain that, despite the pot-banging, he did not lose votes with the interview. Something that, for a precarious president, is a great achievement.

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