Cell phones show messages from Aras with businessmen

Cell phones seized in today’s operation by the PF (Federal Police), which carried out search and seizure warrants against Bolsonarista businessmen, shows an exchange of messages between the attorney general of the Republic and who is also attorney general-electoral, Augusto Aras, with the operation targets.

The information is from the JOTA website, gathered with sources from the PF, the MPF (Federal Public Ministry) and the STF (Federal Supreme Court). The operation was authorized by the minister of the Supreme Court and president of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court), Alexandre de Moraes.

Bolsonarista businessmen would have defended, in a WhatsApp group, a coup d’état if former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) beats Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the October 2022 elections. These messages were revealed by columnist Guilherme Amado. , from the Metropolis website.

According to JOTA, Sources said that messages were found with criticism of Moraes’ work on cell phones and also statements about Bolsonaro’s re-election candidacy. Despite being confidential, the contents of the messages are already being discussed between the ministers of the Supreme, according to the vehicle.

This afternoon, the PGR said in a note that Moraes authorized the search and seizure against the businessmen, but did not summon the attorney general about the decision. Moraes’ office denied the claim and rebutted the accusations.

Also according to JOTA, businessman Meyer Nigri, owner of the construction company Tecnisa and one of the targets of the operation, is a personal friend of Aras and was even mentioned in the speech of the attorney general during his inauguration at the PGR.

“I can’t help but greet a friend of all hours at this moment in which we live. And I pay a special tribute to my friend Meyer Nigri, in the name and whom I greet the entire Jewish community, which celebrated 5,780 years in recent days”, Aras began. And he continued: “It would be difficult for me to nominate each friend. So I ask you, on behalf of Meyer Nigri, to greet everyone present, especially the friends from Bahia, whom I would not be able to nominate one by one and to all colleagues and friends here present”.

On the website, Aras’ advisors stated that the PGR has friends and acquaintances in the business area and, as a result, there are conversations between them. When questioned, they reiterated their position that Aras did not receive information about this morning’s operation and would not be able to provide information about the PF’s action. The press office also mentioned that the conversation between Aras and one of the businessmen targeted by the investigation are only “superficial” messages.

Questioned by UOLthe MPF’s advisory only reported that “the only information we have on the matter is that contained in the clarification note” released earlier, in which Aras informed that he had not been summoned about the decision that authorized searches against Bolsonarista businessmen.

today’s operation

According to the calculation of UOL, measures against businessmen were requested by the PF. The operation was authorized by STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes within the so-called digital militias inquiry and involved 35 federal police officers. The searches were carried out in the addresses of eight businessmen in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Ceará. Among the targets are:

  • Luciano Hang, from Havan – two addresses in Brusque (SC) and one in Balneário Camboriú (SC)
  • José Isaac Peres, from the Multiplan shopping network – in Rio de Janeiro
  • Ivan Wrobel, from Construtora W3 – in Rio de Janeiro
  • José Koury, from Barra World Shopping – in Rio de Janeiro
  • Luiz André Tissot, from the Sierra Group – in Gramado (RS)
  • Meyer Nigri, from Tecnisa – in São Paulo
  • Marco Aurélio Raimundo, from Mormaii – in Garopaba (SC)
  • Afrânio Barreira, from the Coco Bambu Group – in Fortaleza

In addition to the search and seizure warrants, Moraes also ordered the breaking of bank and telematic secrecy of the targets, in addition to blocking accounts on social networks.

What do Bolsonar businessmen say? Check here the version of the operation targets.

Support for a coup d’état

What did the Metrópoles report disclose? The article on the site showed that José Koury, owner of the Barra World mall, in Rio de Janeiro, declared that he would prefer a “break” than the return of PT members to the Planalto Palace. According to the businessman, if Brazil were once again ruled by a military dictatorship, the country would continue to receive foreign investment.

I prefer a coup than the return of PT. A million times. And certainly no one will stop doing business with Brazil. As they do with several dictatorships around the world.
José Koury, owner of the Barra World mall

José Koury, owner of Barra World Shopping - Disclosure - Disclosure

José Koury, owner of Barra World Shopping

Image: Disclosure

Koury’s message was a response to the discussion started by the post by Ivan Wrobel, owner of W3 Engenharia, a builder of high-end real estate, operating in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Following, Marco Aurélio Raymundo, known as Morongo, who is a doctor and owner of the clothing and surfing company Mormaii, responded to Koury’s messages:

  • Coup was to release the prisoner
  • Coup is the “supreme” act outside the Constitution
  • Scam is the old media just talk shit

Afrânio Barreira, owner of Grupo Coco Bambu, a defender of President Bolsonaro publicly, commented on Koury’s message with a sticker of a man giving “thumbs up”.

On the same day, businessman André Tissot, from Grupo Sierra, a company that manufactures luxury furniture, declared:

  • The coup would have had to have happened in the first days of government.
  • [Em] 2019 would have gained another 10 years more.

*With Carla Araújo, Thaís Augusto and Paulo Roberto Netto, from UOL, in São Paulo and Brasília

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