Elgin has 13 job openings for Mogi das Cruzes

The company has 13 job openings this Saturday (20th) to work in Mogi das Cruzes. Positions range from inventory assistant and apprentice to quality inspector.

Candidates can access details of each vacancy and register for the selection process on the group’s website, where responsibilities and attributions are also disclosed, in addition to the requirements requested for each position.

See the full list of vacancies

Inventory Assistant – SEPEÇAS

Logistics Assistant – Mogi das Cruzes

Tax Assistant – Mogi das Cruzes

Administrative Assistant – Purchasing

Logistics Assistant –

Product Coordinator – Air Conditioning – Mogi das Cruzes

With the exception of the apprenticeship, all applications are for effective work.

The history of Elgin in Mogi das Cruzes began seven decades ago, initially in the sewing machine segment, followed by custom kitchen furniture.

Over the years, always innovating in the market and following the advancement of technology, the company has diversified its operations in the Brazilian market, and today with a wide variety of products for commercial and residential use in the segments of air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting, commercial automation, computing, telephony and solar energy.

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