Everything we know about the shocking death of player Pietra

The futsal player of Taboão Magnus, from Taboão da Serra (SP), Pietra Medeiros, 20, died of autoimmune hepatitis on Friday, August 19. Hospitalized since the beginning of the month, in serious condition, she could not resist the chronic disease, considered rare by doctors, and which affects the liver.

Pietra was young, full of life and with many dreams. On social media, many friends and connoisseurs of the work she did left messages of dismay. Victorious, she was in the main team that lifted the Copa Libertadores de Futsal Feminino. However, about two months after the conquest, she needed medical care and admission to the ICU at Leforte Hospital in São Paulo.

In an interview with UOL Esportethe manager of Taboão Magnus, Priscila Silva, said that Pietra “was wonderful, loved and dear to all the athletes. One of the best revelations of women’s futsal in her category. She won everything with our club from under-13 to professional”.

the last post

The club wing on social media last used social media on the 2nd of August. She called on her followers to watch the match for the Under-20 Metropolitan Championship. While she was in the hospital for treatment, fellow club members wore her number 27 jersey as a tribute and strength to her family.

How did athletes find out about death?

Teammates learned of the wing’s death shortly after the end of the match against Unochapecó, in Santa Catarina, for the Women’s Futsal League. According to the club, no one needed to communicate anything, when the players asked for Pietra, in the look, they knew that their companion had died.

A video of the moment was shared and all the players are shocked and regret what happened. The club asked for respect for the athletes and that no one judge them.

“The low head of our supervisor, who bravely held the news, for hours, alone, respecting the family’s request, was enough for everyone to understand that Pi had left us,” she said.

cruel days

According to the club’s report, the 16 days before Pietra’s death were very difficult for all the players and the coaching staff, as everyone was 24 hours thinking about the player.

In the club since the age of 10, she was considered a revelation in the category. On August 10, Taboão reported that Pietra was in a serious condition and was being monitored by a group of specialist doctors. On the 11th, a small improvement in the tests performed gave a ray of hope to friends and family. On the list for a liver transplant, she underwent surgery two days before the condition worsened and led to death.

And the competition?

The club decided to go ahead in the Club World Cup as a way of honoring the athlete who wore the number 27 shirt. “Our Mourning will be on the court, every day, because that was where our Pi was happy.”

What is the disease?

According to the Brazilian Liver Institute (Ibrafig), the disease that led to the futsal player mainly affects young women, around 30 years old. However, other age groups can also be affected. In most cases, the main complaint is malaise, weakness and loss of energy, with changes in physiological tests and blood tests, already suggestive of a chronic liver disease or even cirrhosis.

Without a specific exam to diagnose the disease, increased liver enzymes can be a sign, although they are also present in other conditions. The booklet with official information about the disease can be accessed on the internet. Autoimmune hepatitis is caused by a failure in the immune system and its causes may be related to genetic factors. According to the Brazilian Society of Hepatology, in Brazil, the disease is responsible for 5 to 19% of liver diseases in the main centers, and has less than 5% of patients on the transplant list.

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