Ferreira has confirmed the severity of the injury and is practically out of the Grêmio season

In a press release, Grêmio’s doctors informed that striker Ferreira had a grade 2 injury confirmed in his left thigh muscle.

The club does not disclose the downtime, but this is a more serious injury than a simple muscle strain. Because it is grade 2, it means that up to 50% of the musculature has been ruptured. In theory, it can take up to a month and a half to heal.

Even so, we have recent examples of athletes who stay up to two months to be 100% available. Even because there is a period of healing and after physical conditioning.

And here comes another problem, as this season is shorter, Ferreira is away during the entire month of September, only returning there in mid-October. Only the calendar goes only the first week of November.

It’s safe to say that the striker will only have the final rounds of Serie B to play for. Most likely, he will return in games where the club will have already moved up to Serie A.

  • Here’s the note from the Guild: The Grêmio Medical Department informs that the image exam carried out on the striker Ferreira, this Monday, showed a degree II muscle strain in the posterior muscle of the left thigh. The athlete has already started treatment with physiotherapy and will be evaluated weekly to return to training.

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