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On Monday afternoon, Grêmio confirmed Ferreira’s new injury. In the game against Cruzeiro, the striker asked to be substituted in the second stage after feeling pain. However, after performing an examination, he was diagnosed with a grade 2 muscle strain in the posterior muscle of the left thigh.

This is the fourth time in the season that shirt 10 will be out due to injuries. It was, in fact, on the same thigh as the last problem, when the athlete felt a lighter muscle injury, in the match against Chapecoense, on July 26

Ferreira leaves Grêmio game with injury – Photo: Reproduction

Around 16 minutes into the second half, the striker called the coach, signaled to be substituted and touched his left thigh with his hand. The broadcast caught the athlete later sitting on the bench with a tearful expression, with the vest over his face.

Ferreira returned exactly this Sunday after a recovery period. His lineup among the holders even drew attention precisely because he came from injury.

As informed by the club’s medical department, the athlete has already started treatment with physiotherapy and will be evaluated weekly to return to work on the CT lawn. Recently, Elkeson and Edilson both had Grade 2 muscle injuries and missed the team for about two months.

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