Find out how much Fluminense can profit from the possible sale of João Pedro in England

Raised in Xerém, striker João Pedro is one of the most targeted in the English market today. After forwarding the deal with Newcastlethe player received a Everton’s highest bid and can repeat Richarlison’s path after leaving the Fluminense. The Tricolor, by the way, is keeping an eye on this movement and will have values ​​to receive.

O THROW! found that Flu is entitled to 5% of the surplus value (difference between the value that was sold to Watford and what the English will receive at resale), but within that amount there are still some discounts and, therefore, it is not yet possible to specify the exact percentage. In addition, an additional 3.5% refers to FIFA’s solidarity mechanism that enters in installments according to the contract.

If the sale is to Newcastle, the press reports an offer for 25 million pounds (R$ 151 million), in addition to another 5 million pounds (R$ 30 million) in bonuses. In this case, Flu would receive 908.5 thousand euros (about R$ 4.6 million) for the surplus value and another 875 thousand pounds (about R$ 5.2 million) for the mechanism, totaling R$ 9.8 million , which in practice will be lower with discounts.

If Watford carry out the sale to Everton for 30 million pounds (R$ 180.6 million), the account changes. The “Daily Mail” talks about the Liverpool team matching Newcastle’s proposal, without making it clear if it would be the same fixed 25 million pounds or if it increases to 30 million fixed. Therefore, if it is the highest value, it would be 1.2 million euros (about R$ 6.1 million) in the surplus value and 1.05 million pounds (about R$ 6.3 million) in the mechanism. Totaling R$ 12.4 million (again emphasizing that the value decreases in practice).

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João Pedro was sold to Watford during Pedro Abad’s management in 2018, but Mário Bittencourt managed to renegotiate the transaction, increasing the total amount received by Flu. In the end, the club would receive 11.5 million euros. increasing the payment limit for the British until 2023.

​With the new values, the sale of João Pedro became the third largest in the history of Fluminense, behind only that of Gerson, traded with Roma in 2015 for €16 million fixed plus €1 million in bonuses, and Richarlison, sold to Watford himself for €12.5 million. As Flu had 100% of the player, in values ​​that stayed with Tricolor, JP’s sale is the second largest, only below Gerson’s.

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