Flamengo fan attacked says he entered the home sector by mistake

Matheus Menezes, 25, was attacked at Allianz Parque during the match between Palmeiras and Flamengo, held yesterday for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão. Born in acre, the flamenguist told that it was his first time at the stadium and that he entered the sector destined for the organized supporters of Verdão by mistake. The case happened around 15 minutes of the 1st period.

“I joined the Palmeiras crowd by mistake together with my brother and a friend. It was my first time in a stadium, in fact we decided to go to the stadium the night before, since I was in São Paulo at my brother’s house”, said Matheus in interview with “GE”.

“I never intended to go in there to make fun of them, want to be funny or anything like that. We didn’t know that the ticket would take us to the organized crowd. It was all new to me”, he continued.

The flamengo player stated that he was wearing a dark gray shirt with the acronym CRF (Clube de Regatas Flamengo), which was not visible from the outside.

Matheus also said that he was unable to explain himself to the people of Palmeiras at the time of the confusion and that he feared for his own life.

“It was a very dark gray shirt with the acronym CRF, nothing was showing. We were wearing black sweatshirts. They already started to frame us, without letting us explain ourselves. I just wanted to get out of there when I saw that mess. afraid to die, but thank God we are fine. God saved us. My brother managed to drag me out of there and we went straight home. We just wanted to get out of there alive. .

“Intent to cause riot”

In a statement, Palmeiras regretted the scenes of violence and considered the attitude of the Flamengo fan to be reckless. Verdão also claimed to have collaborated in the identification of those involved in the case. This Monday (22), the Civil Police of São Paulo identified two people from Palmeiras who participated in the attacks.

“Palmeiras repudiates any and all acts of violence, including the reckless attitude of opposing fans who, with the aim of causing turmoil, infiltrated one of the club’s organized supporters during yesterday’s game”, reads an excerpt from the note from the alviverde club.

Online, Matheus Menezes registered a report this morning. Despite the aggressions, the Acreano assured that he is fine.

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