‘Ghost’ plane found in the middle of the forest by Google Maps

A photo that seems to show a passenger plane crashed in the forest in Australia is intrigued by Google Maps users.

The image was first discovered and posted on social media by eagle-eyed Maps user Victoria Ottley and has begun to gain traction. In the image, the plane appears to be largely intact in a clearing in the Cardwell Ranges, located off the coast of Queensland, according to the website “new.com.au”. The record suggests that the plane was flying much lower than expected.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Australia’s transport safety body, there are no reports of any missing passenger jets in the region. According to the “New York Post”, the plane appears to be either a standard Airbus A320 or a Boeing 737.

Australian transport safety officials said the image is likely to be product of a glitch in Google’s software.

“There seems to be a phenomenon called ghost images and this could be it”a spokesperson for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau told the Cairns Post.

‘Ghost’ plane in Australian forest, officials say

Google so far has not issued any statement on the case.

A similar incident occurred in 2016 when users claimed that a plane was at the bottom of Lake Harriet (Minnesota, USA). But Google later announced that it was a “ghost” imagedefined as a fusion of several satellite images that appear on the site, creating a scene that does not exist in reality.

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