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The president of Grêmio spoke on Monday afternoon in the Arena auditorium after the decision that interdicts the North Stand sector. Romildo Bolzan Júnior condemned the fight, asked for punishment for the identified fans and even the organized fans, but regretted the closure of the place without chairs. Tricolor will seek resources to release the site.

The demonstration was critical of the decision of Judge Marco Aurélio Xavier, from the Juizado do Torcedor e Grandes Eventos, and will legally demand the magistrate’s stance. Bolzan also defended that Grêmio had no responsibility in the event, since the biometric registration is active – there was a moment with a technical failure in the reading of the biometrics at the gate of the North Stand.

In the Grêmio president’s version, the Public Ministry had not asked for a ban on the sector, but for the suspension of the organizations involved in the fight. Romildo promised to exclude members, if those involved have a formal relationship with the club.

– This process is running and the decision was in the right direction. extra petita. The Public Prosecutor’s Office asked for the suspension of the organized supporters. Never asked for the interdiction of space. If anyone thinks that the Guild neglected or failed to do something agreed. Grêmio will take all legal measures, without exception. Will examine all court decisions. Those that were not judged, those that were taken without the necessary evidence. It will take as its theme the decision of the judge and the file in the process – declared the president.

Romildo Bolzan, president of Grêmio — Photo: João Victor Teixeira

Grêmio works in search of personal accountability. Those who fought, who are not in a position to socialize, must be punished in an exemplary manner. If we can afford it, let’s do it. For other examples and precedents that happened, it is unfair to interdict the place. It’s a collective punishment.

— Romildo Bolzan

In addition to the decision of the responsible judge, the Grêmio president also criticized the actions of the police and the private security of the Arena due to the interventions at the time of the fight. In the interview, the manager assured that Grêmio will collaborate with the identification of fans in the processes with authorities.

Fight in the crowd at Grêmio paralyzes match at Arena

Fight in the crowd at Grêmio paralyzes match at Arena

Bolzan also revealed that his granddaughter was present at the Arena and was scared of the fight despite being present in another sector. And he also promised meetings with private security, the Arena administration and the police to discuss the actions in the Grêmio stadium.

– We were surprised by the fight that took place. We’re sorry. We don’t support. We are fighters. Grêmio does not accept, does not tolerate, does not agree with the act of fighting, with the risk to social life. This cannot be passed over, much less condescending. We condemn and find it bad to see women and children put at risk. We are making every internal effort. We have identifications, collaborations to find the culprits. If you’re a member, don’t even talk. We will take the removal measures – he assured.

I want to blame the bums, the bad part, the rotten ones. We have to hold these accountable.

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