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Anyone who looks at the photos of Australian Amie Skilton, 42, sees a young, beautiful and healthy woman. You can’t even imagine that she has suffered severe attacks of dementia and even forgot her own name.

All this because Amie is one of a small group of people who are genetically vulnerable to the toxins released by mold. This characteristic can trigger a major inflammatory response in the body and cause organ damage.

Mold, also called mold, is the fungus that forms in very damp, dark places with no air circulation. Most people only associate mold with respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma, but the effects of mold can be much more serious.

In Amie’s case, it all started in 2017, when, at age 37, she had just taken part in a 9K race in the United States and felt “perfectly healthy”. In an interview with Australian news portal News, Amie said: “My brain and body were fine.”

Until she started to feel bad, very tired, and to gain weight. “The first symptom I noticed was allergies, chronic allergies, and I gained about 10 kg out of nowhere. I’m a nutritionist and I’ve had the same weight all my life. I gained 10 kg in a matter of months and had really bad fatigue”, explained Amie to the Australian website.

After a few months, she noticed that her brain functions also began to decline. Amie had trouble concentrating and working. At one point, she forgot her own name.

“I couldn’t decide what to wear. She would look at the clothes and get very confused. Until one day I went to fill in a form, I was seeing the space for my name and I was thinking: ‘What is it again?’. I’ve been staring at blank space and trying to remember [o nome]”, she said.

After all that, Amie consulted a neurologist and discovered that she had inhaled Alzheimer’s. But the diagnosis was not quick, as she was unaware that the waterproofing in her bathroom was not working and her and her husband’s bath water was leaking under the rug and all over their apartment in Sydney, one of the main cities. from Australia.

According to the nutritionist, her medical exams did not present any problems. “That’s exactly what happened. Everything was fine, good white blood cell count, good red blood cell count. Few health professionals are trained, which means that most people end up being diagnosed with problems like chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia because they have similar symptoms,” she said.

The discovery came after a friend commented on her husband’s problem with mold, a result of the extreme humidity in his home.

With that alert, Amie called in a plumber – who found nothing – and a building biologist to do a moisture assessment and found that the water had gone under the rug and spread all the way to the bedroom and office. .

“The rug looked totally fine on top, but when it was lifted, there was all this black mold. When we finally took the mattress cover off, the mattress was green.”

She discovered the disease, underwent treatment and moved house. Now, at 42 years old, she is healthy and helps others discover possible health problems related to fungi that form in places with high humidity.

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