How much does Santos earn from the sale of Emerson Palmieri to West Ham

Santos will profit from the sale of Emerson Palmieri from Chelsea to West Ham, both from England. The deal was fixed at 13 million pounds (approximately R$78.7 million at current prices) plus 2 million pounds (R$12.1 million) in target bonuses. The transfer was announced today (22), one day after the blog report the success.

For having revealed Emerson Palmieri in its base categories, Santos is entitled to 2.5% of the operation through FIFA’s solidarity mechanism. The calculation was confirmed by Rede do Futebol, at the request of the blog.

This percentage will yield around £325,000 (approximately R$1.9 million), taking into account the fixed amount of the transfer. If the bonuses are reached, the total value of the transfer would be 15 million pounds (R$ 90.9 million) and the number corresponding to Santos would rise to 375 thousand euros (R$ 2.2 million).

As Santos transformed its right to the solidarity mechanism into tokens in the virtual market, the club will need to allocate a portion to shareholders. Peixe has 17% fixed and sold few coins. In this way, it will receive the largest share of Palmieri’s R$ 1.9 million. The exact amount is not disclosed by Alvinegro.

Revealed at Santos, the 28-year-old Italian-Brazilian has been playing in European football since 2014, when he was traded on loan to Palermo. Then he went to Roma and moved to Chelsea in 2018.

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