How to find your cell phone number? See the step by step

Currently, smartphones support the entry for one more chip, and it is increasingly common for people to have more than one cell phone number on different operators. As a result, forgetting one or another number is quite common, especially when there is a recent chip change. But know that each operator has a mechanism for finding your cell phone number.

In this post we will show you step by step how to know your cell phone number in the three main operators in the market: TIM, Vivo and Claro. Before it is worth mentioning that one of the simplest methods is to make a call to another cell phone. If not, check out the other options below:

How to find the mobile number in TIM

If you are a TIM operator customer, the process is simple, easy and free, using the USSD code. Just call the number *846# from the device itself. After that, the chip number will be displayed directly on the device screen.

How to know the number by Claro

At Claro, customers can find more than one way to find out their number. The first, which is also by the USSD code, calling *510#, and the number will appear on the cell phone screen.

The second is by SMS, sending a text message with any word to the number 35742. In a few moments, the operator automatically sends an SMS containing the phone number from which it is accessing.

The user can also find out his mobile number through the “Claro Móvel” application, using the device’s mobile internet network. When accessing the app, it automatically shows the phone number.

How to find my mobile number on Vivo

For Vivo customers, just send an SMS with the word “Número” to 8300. Automatically, the operator answers your text message with your device number.

other methods

In addition to carrier features, there are also other ways to find out your mobile number. One of them is through the voice service with a 0800 call, which is a universal and operator-independent method. To do so, just call 0800-643-0424, which informs you by recording the number and area code of the device.

The other method is via WhatsApp. Just open the app, access the configuration, tap your name and the number will be available in the “phone” option. However, this method only works on numbers that have already been configured in the app. That is, if you have just changed your SIM and you have not yet configured WhatsApp, only the other methods will be effective.

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