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Published 08/23/2022 18:39 | Updated 08/23/2022 18:39

The president of Vasco, Jorge Salgado, was on the afternoon of this Tuesday (23), at the headquarters of the Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Ferj), trying to resolve the impasse over the club’s debt that prevents SAF registration. in the entity. The information was released by ‘GE’ and confirmed by DAY.

Jorge Salgado argued that Vasco has no way of paying off the R$6.8 million debt before 777 Partners makes an investment of R$120 million, and SAF’s registration with Ferj is part of the process for the money to be deposited. The club’s proposal is for part of the debt to be paid as soon as the North American group takes over the management of the company, scheduled to take place until September 5th.

The board of Ferj will meet this Wednesday (24) on the subject and the tendency is for the agreement proposed by Vasco to be accepted. Otherwise, president Jorge Salgado and his peers are considering paying the debt with their own resources, as happened recently with coach Ricardo Sá Pinto, who caused a Transfer Ban (ban on signing new players) to the club last month for charging R$1. .4 million in FIFA.

Ferj had charged Botafogo to pay the debt to register the club’s SAF. For this reason, no exception was made for Vasco. In addition to owing the entity, the club also owes a debt to the CBF. In the Financial Statement for 2021, released in April, the amount is R$ 9.4 million, arising from four loans made between May 2013 and February 2015. The document states that “there was a renegotiation to postpone payments during this exercise”.

O DAY asked Vasco if this debt with the CBF can prevent the registration of the SAF in the entity, but until the closing of the matter, the report had no response.

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