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iPhone (iOS) has some customization features that can be useful to organize the Home Screen and make the phone look cleaner and more intuitive. The Apps Library is an example of this, since with it, it is possible to remove apps from home pages without having to uninstall them from the phone – which avoids an unnecessary accumulation of apps on the Home Screen, for example. Widgets, in turn, can speed up access and also make the phone look more dynamic and practical for everyday use. In the following list, check out six tips that can make your iPhone (iOS) more organized.

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iPhone: check out tips to keep your cell phone organized — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

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1. Hide apps from Home screen

One tip that can help keep your iPhone (iOS) organized is to remove little-used apps from the Home screen. By default, apps just downloaded from the App Store are added to the free spaces of these screens, but you can change this setting so that the apps are only available in the App Library. That way, you can customize the Home Screen and make it tidier without necessarily having to uninstall your phone’s apps.

To delete an app from the Home Screen, tap and hold the icon in question for a few seconds. then select “Remove App” and to continue, tap on the option “Remove from Home Screen”. From then on, the app will only be available in the App Library.

Removing apps from iPhone (iOS) — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

2. Remove pages from the Home Screen

Another useful tip for organizing iPhone (iOS) is to remove or just hide Home Screen pages that are loaded with too many apps and widgets. To do this, tap and press on a blank space on the Home Screen for a few seconds, then select the ellipsis icon at the bottom center of the page. On the next screen, you will see thumbnails of your iPhone’s home pages, and you can edit or remove them however you like.

By tapping on the circle below the page you can hide it. This way, it will no longer be visible on the Home Screen, but you can retrieve it later if you wish. To erase it completely, after tapping on the circle, tap on the “-” icon in the upper left corner of the page. This will delete all the apps and widgets on the page at once from the iPhone home screen – but they will still be available in the App Library.

Editing pages on the iPhone Home Screen (iOS) — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

3. Store apps in themed folders

Thematic folders are also good options to keep your phone tidy, and you can create and organize them the way you want. To merge apps into a single folder, just press one app for a few seconds and overlap it with a second app. In this way, a folder will be created automatically containing both applications.

Another tip that can make this process even easier is to select several apps at once. To do this, simply press on an app and, while your finger is still on it, use a second finger to tap on the other icons you want to add to a folder. Now, with all the apps selected, just drag them to the folder so that they are all stored there.

Creating themed folders on iPhone (iOS) to keep your phone organized — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

4. Add Widgets to optimize usage and save space

Widgets are very practical and convenient icons to have on your Home Screen. With them, it is possible to customize the cell phone and optimize the use of the smartphone, since it is not necessary to open certain applications to check some information. You can add them to your iPhone home screen in a few steps.

First, tap on a free area of ​​the Home Screen and press for a few seconds. Then, tap on the “+” icon in the upper left corner of the screen to open the list of widgets. Then, just select one of the available options to configure it the way you want.

Adding a widget to the iPhone home screen (iOS) — Photo: Playback/Clara Fabro

5. Delete unnecessary or infrequently used apps

Another basic tip to get rid of the lack of organization on your phone is to uninstall apps that you don’t use. So, in addition to keeping the Home screen cleaner, you also save iPhone storage space. To delete apps that you don’t use often, just select it and tap “Remove App” on the pop-up that will appear on the screen. Then tap on the “Delete App” option and confirm the procedure by tapping once more on “Delete”.

You can find out which apps you use the least in simple steps. Go in Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Then, just analyze the list and then check the date of last use made of each application. Delete the ones you’ve used the longest. You can also check which apps consume the most battery, and then delete them too.

Uninstalling little-used apps to organize your iPhone (iOS) — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

6. Avoid animated and/or informational wallpapers

Moving wallpapers can pollute the iPhone’s Home Screen and over time can also slow down the phone from unnecessary CPU usage. Another negative point of this type of wallpaper is related to the device’s battery, which can also be compromised with frequent use of them, as they require more resources to function.

Therefore, it is interesting to opt for photos or static images, which do not have much information and which make the use of the device more fluid and light. See here for tips for finding wallpapers.

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