Lula defends power exchange in Venezuela: ‘There is no irreplaceable president’

The presidential candidate was an ally of Hugo Chávez, has already expressed support for the current president, Nicolás Maduro, and stressed that he wants freer elections in the neighboring country.

WILTON JUNIOR/ESTADÃO CONTENTFormer President Lula speaks at an act
Lula (PT) leads polls for voting intentions for the 2022 presidential elections

the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) gave a press conference to about 70 press vehicles this Monday, 22, and commented on the political environment of Venezuela. According to the leader in the polls of voting intentions for the presidential elections in October, it is necessary to respect the Venezuelan government and that there is an alternation in the country’s Executive power, since “there is no irreplaceable president” – Lula was an ally of Hugo Chávez while the politician was in charge of the Venezuelan government and has already expressed support for the current chief executive, Nicolás Maduro. “We have to treat Venezuela with respect, and always wanting it to be as democratic as possible, I defend the alternation of power in Venezuela and in all countries. There is no irreplaceable president. Brazil will treat Venezuela with respect. I would like to wish for Venezuela what I wish for the Brazil: that the elections are always freer, that the result is accepted”, he said.

The PT took advantage of the event to defend the protection of the Amazon, the fight against illegal mining, suggested that the United Nations Organization (UN) reformulate in favor of peace between the countries and stressed that the economic recovery in Brazil involves proposals that can attract foreign investment. “Foreign investors do not come to invest in the country because of the president’s eyes, they come to invest in the country when the investment proposal offers possibilities for gains and at the same time we need to offer a market to consume for the product that will be manufactured. Whoever wants to invest in Brazil, we want them to invest in something new, we want to create something new, create something new. That is why we want to travel to invite foreign investors to come and invest in Brazil”, he proposed.

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