Mano Menezes answered if Edenilson will only play away from home

Edenilson has been one of the most demanded players by Internacional fans this season. One of the oldest in the squad, not even the leadership in the team’s participation in goals this year makes the Colorados relieve their bar when he enters the field or makes any mistake. However, it seems that the player still has the confidence of Mano Menezes.

Criticism even flared up after the midfielder missed a penalty against Melgar, which culminated in the elimination of Clube do Povo. After the victory against Avaí, last Monday (22), Internacional’s coach gave a press conference talking about the player’s phase and the fall in the Copa Sudamericana, where he took the blame for the elimination of Edenilson.

“He is an experienced player. He knows that the first moment after a failure, things are more difficult. The fan also knows that he was not to blame. It happens in football. On a night that is not so happy, if you have a ball that doesn’t go in and it becomes a drama on penalties”, said the coach.

In addition, speculations were raised that Edenilson would only play away from Beira-Rio in an attempt to alleviate the great demand and pressure from the crowd. However, for Mano Menezes, this alternative is ruled out. “He can play anytime and anywhere. There is no such thing as a player who can play away and cannot play at home”, concluded Commander Colorado.

Mano Menezes takes stock of the confrontation with Avaí

During the press conference, Mano Menezes took the opportunity to comment on the result achieved away from home and in extra time. “First we talk about the result, the good part. The result is extraordinary. We had a very difficult start to the game. Avaí pressed on the left side, some inversions and we took a while to adjust. We took two or three little breaths. Then we dominate the game,” he said.

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