Media and Marketing #144: Thais Azevedo, CMO at Zé Delivery – 08/22/2022

Technology has helped solve everyday consumer problems. This week’s UOL Mídia e Marketing program welcomes Thaís Azevedo, CMO of Zé Delivery, a beverage delivery application created by Ambev in 2016.

In the chat, Thais talks about the app’s business model, sustainable growth in the pandemic and how data, technology and marketing strategies mix all the time. – watch the full interview in the video above.

“Buying a drink seems simple, but there is always a problem. The technology has come to help solve these consumer problems”, says Thaís (from 4:22).

The executive also talks about the company’s “sustainable growth” in the pandemic. “We had 60 employees before the pandemic and now we have 700. A lot goes through Ambev’s ambition to be closer to our consumers” (from 8:02).

With 2,000 products in its portfolio, from beers, soft drinks, wines to snacks, charcoal and sweets, Zé Delivery is now present in more than 300 cities throughout Brazil.

“Today, the main consumer pain that we solve is convenience —but what makes people stay with the brand is the experience: we deliver what we promise. This is one of Zé’s success secrets”, he declares.

“Zé is an ordinary guy: and we receive thousands of messages from people who send photos with birthday parties with the theme “Zé” and people who call themselves ‘Zés’. Today, truth and proximity are extremely important for you to stand out in the midst of a lot of brands”, says (from 22:50).

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