Metaverse intends to travel to other countries through virtual reality

Take a taxi to the airport; to check in; spend hours waiting for the plane and several minutes in line; arrive at the destination and face a long conveyor belt with suitcases; go to the Hotel and prove the virtual check-in. Well, there’s a whole lot of bureaucracy involved when it comes to travel. In case you are looking for a more practical way, everything indicates that in just a few years the metaverse will be able to end these procedures.

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“How is that possible?”, you might ask yourself. We have all the answers here. Find out now what the metaverse’s relationship with the travel industry will be in the future.

Metaverse x tourism industry

Virtual reality headset is a device that connects to users’ eyes and ears to take them to virtual reality, that is, images will be reproduced over their eyes in real dimensions, thus giving the feeling of immersion in that context. In other words, the individual feels that he is right there, in that place. It is already widely used in video games through simulators. However, some companies are betting on this device to revolutionize the tourism industry. Check out some fun facts!

Job vacancies around the world

The metaverse makes it possible for people to work remotely across multiple countries. In this way, a Brazilian professional can work in a hotel in Greece without having to take a plane every day to do so. In practice, this process can increase employment opportunities and create more inclusive hotels, as it will not be necessary for everyone to be able to speak a common language, as the staff of these hostels can hire translation service providers to welcome all visitors, for example.

Before visiting a place in person, we bet on long hours of Google searches to look for restaurants, hotels and leisure spaces. The metaverse can offer very interesting possibilities for negotiation as, instead of being held hostage by the evaluations and comments of those who have already been to the place, you can go there virtually to have a small meeting, get to know the place through augmented reality (and not just photos), chat with employees, negotiate prices and many other things.

Creation of virtual tourist cities

With the advancement of technology and the adaptation of people to this new type of tourism, the expectation is that complete trips can be made through augmented reality, which can greatly reduce access to other countries, in addition to promoting the democratization of tourism. . But it doesn’t stop there: much more than enabling travel to pre-existing countries, developers also intend to create new tourist cities.

These cities will be exclusively figments of their developers’ imagination and will likely have very different aspects to the ones we already know. They can be themed, like a city full of robots or a completely pink one. Maybe a place where it never rains? The possibilities are countless.

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