Nubank fires an employee for an unusual reason and generates revolt in the networks

Nubank went viral on social media in the last week for a not so positive reason. This is because a former employee of the digital bank posted a report on the social network LinkedIn saying he was fired for being “too senior”. The subject came to be commented by thousands of netizens of the net.

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The owner of the post is Igor Ferreira, who worked as a development and learning manager at the digital bank. The publication caused indignation by most people, reaching more than 22 thousand likes and 1.4 thousand comments. There were also those who agreed with the bank’s decision.

Former employee report

In his testimony, the former employee of the digital bank claimed that, in his dismissal, the justification used was that he had become “too senior for the objectives and directions of the area”. In other words, there would be no new challenges or projects for him.

In response, Igor said that working at Nubank was one of the most uplifting experiences of his career, but also one of the most disappointing. “I had my contract terminated with this argument by the company that stands and sings to the four winds its “culture” of Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Management, but at least I was praised as a Senior too much”, he highlighted with irony.

For the former employee, his hiring was done conveniently, as Igor is black and LGBTQIA+. In his report, he says that the idea of ​​the digital bank was just to increase the diversity number of the company, which was going through a moment of image crisis after Nubank CEO Cristina Junqueira adopted a problematic speech in an interview with the program Roda Vida. in 2020.

“The only thing that really saddens me about this situation is knowing that several of my [negros e LGBT+] they read, interpret as they can, and are deceived by all this beautiful makeup of diversity and gourmetized inclusion, and they are silenced and do not take a stand due to the need for employment, opportunity, often sustenance”, criticized Igor.

Nubank’s response

When asked about the case, Nubank stated that “it does not comment on specific cases out of respect for the confidentiality of its employees and customers”.

In his publication, Igor marked the head of Diversity & Inclusion at fintechHelena Bertho, the founder of Nubank, David Vélez, the president Cristina Junqueira and even the singer Anitta, who recently left the board of directors and is now the institution’s ambassador.

Finally, after some users came to claim that the dismissal could be seen as a case of racism and homophobia, the former employee made a point of highlighting that the idea of ​​the statement was not that, but rather to question “the management practices of talents and D&I that are used to attract candidates”, according to a comment added to the post.

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