PlayStation announces DualSense Edge customizable controller

Here comes the DualSense Edge. During the initial presentation at Gamescom 2022, PlayStation announced a customizable, performance-focused controller for the PlayStation 5. Shortly after the announcement, a post on the PS Blog revealed more information. The goal is to have an “ultra-customizable” control.

According to the company, it will be possible to remap buttons or even disable some of them. In addition, the triggers will be fully customizable, according to your preference. And, if you want to make a setting for FPS games and another for Fifinha, for example, you can save the profiles and change them with a touch of the controller.

The DualSense Edge comes with extra buttons, a USB-C cable and a charging case. Other modules will also be sold separately. Visually, he is also different. It has a black and white color scheme, and on top of that, a unique pattern of PlayStation shapes on the touchpad and triggers.

DualSense Edge still doesn’t have a date to arrive

At the end of the publication, PlayStation warns that “in the coming months”, more information about the controller will be revealed, such as price and release date. On twitterthe company also published a short video of the control.

DualSense Edge images

In addition to the information, of course, PlayStation revealed images of the controller’s disclosure. Check out:




So, did you like it? Looking to buy a DualSense Edge?

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