Prison officials accused of having sex with flirtatious inmate

Nurse Elyse Hibbs and custody officer Ruth Shmylo, both 25, are being accused of having sex with the same inmate at the prison where they work in Bridgend, Wales.

They are due to appear for a hearing at Cardiff Magistrates Court, scheduled for 13 September. The prisoner’s name was not mentioned in the charges, according to the Daily Mail, which points to the detainee as having a flirtatious profile.

Officer Shmylo’s alleged relationship with the detainee lasted about five months, between December 2020 and April 2021, the charges say. Afterwards, before Hibbs became involved with the man between May and July 2021.

Hibbs is also accused of misconduct at two prisons where he worked, at HMP Parc and HMP Manchester, which is more than 200 miles from the prison in Wales.

“By acting as a public servant, as a prison nurse, deliberately and without excuse or reasonable justification, [Hibbs] misbehaved, in a manner that amounts to an abuse of the public’s trust in the incumbent, by engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a prisoner,” the indictment against her reads.

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None of the defendants have filed an appeal on the common law charges.

According to the expert group Interrogating Justice, consulted by the British tabloid, “Federal law makes it illegal for prison guards to have sex with incarcerated people. .

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