Project provides for double return of emergency aid improperly received

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Talíria Petrone highlights the Mothers of Acari movement

The Chamber of Deputies analyzes a proposal that holds the State responsible for the disappearance of 11 people kidnapped by armed men in the favela of Acari (RJ). The crime took place in 1990 and to this day the bodies of the victims have not been found.

In June of this year, a state law was passed in Rio de Janeiro (Law 9,753/22) that guarantees compensation to the victims’ families. Reparation will be paid in a lump sum and will take into account the victim’s age at the time of the disappearance and his or her life expectancy.

The project under analysis in the Chamber of Deputies (PL 1969/22) provides for the lifetime payment of a monthly minimum wage by the Union to the victims’ first-degree relatives.

The benefit will be granted primarily to the mother. If she is not alive, to the father; and if both are deceased, it will be divided among the first-degree descendants.

Author of the proposal, deputy Talíria Petrone (Psol-RJ) highlighted the importance of the social movement founded by the victims’ mothers to publicize the violence perpetrated by militias and armed groups in Rio. However, the parliamentarian stressed that the performance of these women was not recognized by the State.

“On the contrary, they were persecuted, suffered risks and even one of their great leaders, Edméia Euzébio Soares, was murdered”, stressed the deputy.

Talíria Petrone reported that Edméia was ambushed and murdered along with her sister-in-law, Sheila Conceição, in 1993, after visiting a detainee in the Hélio Gomes prison from which they would have heard essential information for the investigation of the crime.

The project also foresees that the names of the mothers of Acari be inscribed in the Book of Heroes and Heroines of the Homeland.

The proposal will be analyzed in a conclusive by the Social Security and Family commissions; of Finance and Taxation; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.

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Reporting – Emanuelle Brasil
Editing – Ana Chalub

Source: Federal Chamber of Deputies

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