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On Tuesday night (22), the singer Rosalia performed his long-awaited show at Espaço Unimed, in São Paulo. Then the singer ludmillawho attended the performance of the Spaniard with his wife Brunna Goncalves, offered after for the artist, along with Batekoo, with several famous guests, who were also in the audience of Rosalia.

The reception was at the Tokyo club, in São Paulo, among the famous were Juliette, Gkay, Bruna Marquezine, Rafa Uccman, Glória Groove, Pabllo Vittar, Ághata Moreira, Lucas Guedes, Yasmin Brunet, Karol Conká, Lucas Guimarães, Carlinhos Maia, etc…

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The show

On the night of this Monday, August 22nd, Rosalía debuted in Brazil to great commotion. The Spanish singer gave a unique and sold-out show, for 8,000 people, at Espaço Unimed, in São Paulo.

One of the most emotional points of the night was when, midway through the show, she blurted out: “I love Elis Regina, she is an inspiration to me”. Rosalía sang an excerpt from “March waters”, music by Tom Jobim that was also in Elis’ repertoire. She amended it with a snippet from another Tom Jobim track, “You will see”, but did not mention his name.

In “Yo x ti, tú x mí” the singer made the funk square, amended it with a samba and gave the cue for some fans to go on stage and jump along in the new hit “Despechá”.

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