Russia says ‘there will be no mercy’ for death of nationalist’s daughter

Russian diplomacy chief Sergei Lavrov said today that there will be no mercy for the assassins of Daria Durgina, daughter of pro-Kremlin nationalist ideologue Alexander Dugin, killed in a car explosion over the weekend.

“It was a barbaric crime for which there can be no pardon … There can be no mercy for the organizers, the sponsors and the executors,” Lavrov told a news conference.

Russia’s Federal Security Service accuses the Ukrainian secret service of manipulating the car. In a statement released yesterday, Moscow says the attack was planned by Kiev and carried out by a Ukrainian identified as Natalia Pavlovna Vovk, 43. Ukraine denies involvement.

“She died for the people, for Russia, on the front. The front is here,” Dugin said at the start of his daughter’s funeral, held yesterday.

Ideology of the ‘Putin guru’

Ultranationalist philosopher Alexander Dugin and his daughter Daria Dugina, killed in an attack on Saturday (20), shared the same ideology and enjoyed significant media exposure in Russia, although their influence in the Kremlin is a matter of debate.

Alexander Dugin, 60, rose to prominence in Russia in the 1990s, in the intellectual chaos following the collapse of the communist system. For a time, he was aligned with the writer Eduard Limonov, who advocated the existence of a “National Bolshevik” opposition party.

Theorist of neo-Eurasianism, an anti-liberal current of thought that advocates an alliance between Europe and Asia led by Russia, Dugin is a regular figure on television shows, recognizable by his long beard that gives him the air of a prophet.

Although many question this claim, Dugin has boasted that he is something of an ideological guru to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who conveyed his personal condolences to the philosopher following the death of 29-year-old Daria Dugina, denounced by Moscow as a secret service action. Ukrainian.

*With information from AFP and Ansa

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