Sun in Virgo: 6 sign characteristics to adopt in your routine

The Sun enters Virgo this Tuesday (23), illuminating some of the most incredible celebrities of the moment, from Beyoncé to Zendaya. And, like all placements, Virgo brings negative sides, but also very important qualities for the person.

How about taking advantage of the change in the Sun and the fact that Mercury will enter Retrograde soon to organize some life points? There’s nothing better than typical Virgo energy for this, right?

so check it out 6 features that are the face of Virgo and that you should adopt in your routine for yesterday!

1. Organization

Impossible to talk about Virgo without thinking about organization! The masters of lists and plans are known for organizing every stage of life. If you need more stability in your daily life, having your tasks and obligations defined and organized by priority will make all the difference. Start with basic notes and focus on advance. There are calendar apps that are great and will help you with your mission, especially if you tend to procrastinate a lot – which happens in the best families.

2. Control in financial life

A stage in life that really needs organization and control is the financial aspect. This is also another point that Virgos rock. To “copy” the controlling mind of the natives of the sign, you can take simple steps to organize money. Write down how much you earn per month and any fixed charges you frequently have. If you have the goal of saving money, it’s important to set aside an amount monthly, almost like a bill to pay – but instead, you put it with the rest of the money saved.

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3. Maturity in relationships

Many relationships – love, family or friendship – are damaged and eroded by immature behavior. Virgos are known for being very faithful and loyal to their loved ones and their ideals. Added to this is the maturity, characteristic of the sign. As a result, we have rational individuals, who value those around them, while recognizing their own mistakes and shortcomings. It sure is a great inspiration for everyone, isn’t it?

4. Focus on details

No detail goes unnoticed by Virgo’s watchful eye. Not at all, people with the Sun in the sign tend to be super detail-oriented and suffer from exaggerated perfectionism. The tip is to take the good part of all this attention and rigor, avoiding too much weight in your hand. For example, some Virgos suffer from self-demand and have difficulty seeing their qualities and strength. In other words: understand your limits and do your best.

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5. Up-to-date professionalism

Similar to Capricorns, Virgos also put work ahead of many priorities. With this, they are able to separate professional from personal matters, always taking their obligations, duties and deadlines seriously. If you still don’t work or intern, it’s worth putting that energy of professionalism at school. Here is also the idea of ​​organizing the routine: try to set up your study routine in a way that makes sense to you, in order to optimize your time.

6. Love for cleanliness

Many people think that a mind can only function fully in a clean environment. Of course, everyone will have their own experience, but this is something that Virgos tend to agree on. So, it’s no use making your to-do list, setting goals and objectives, if you’re going to work or study in a chaotic place that messes up your ideas. Start, therefore, by organizing the objects around you, leaving only what is necessary in sight. In this situation, less is more!

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