‘The objective would be to attack the soul of Putinism’, analyzes expert on attack in Russia

According to Professor Késsio Lemos, it is important to assess Alexander Dugin’s ideological role within the Kremlin

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Vladimir Putin follows the ideals of expansion of Russian territory propagated by Alexander Dugin

the daughter of Alexander Dugina Russian ultranationalist ideologue close to the president of RussiaVladimir Putin, was murdered this Saturday, 20, when the car she was driving exploded near Moscow, according to information from the country’s Investigative Committee. the government of Ukraine denied involvement in the case. Suspected of being the real target of the car bomb, Dugin is a philosopher and one of the main architects of the Russian plan to conquer new territories. Despite the Ukrainian government denying involvement in the attack, the president Volodymyr Zelensky is on alert for how death can affect war. To understand the possible developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Jornal da Manhã, from Young Pan News, interviewed Professor Késsio Lemos, an International Relations analyst and researcher at the University of Kent, in England. According to the expert, it is important to assess Dugin’s ideological role within the Kremlin. According to Lemos, despite being one of the ideological pillars of Russian expansion, it is important to remember that the philosopher was already censored by the government in 2014: “When Russian forces invaded Crimea, Alexander was a great critic of the Putin government because, for him there would be a need for the army to advance beyond Ukraine. At the time, he was censored, he even lost his chair at Moscow University, for example.”

“That degree of closeness between him and Putin is uncertain. Now he has a great deal of intellectual influence over important groups in Russia, such as the geopolitical highs. His works are taught inside the Russian military academy. Therefore, apparently, if there is an effective link, whether from Ukraine or from the Western bloc, in this possible assassination attempt the intention would be to attack the soul of Putinism. So all this ideological framework that Alexander Dugin brings in his works has an influence on the next cycle of Vladimir Putin, but does not necessarily make him the great brain, or the great special adviser of Putin. If the West played a role in this attack, I believe that the main objective would be to attack the soul of Putinism and also to remove from circulation someone who has a strong presence in the Russian media, someone who propagates ideas in defense of the war and in defense of the takeover of Ukraine. by Russian forces. We arrived a few days before the celebrations of the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, so the death of this great intellectual and someone who has great influence within the Russian imagination would be something very important for the rise of nationalist sentiment within Ukraine”, analyzes the professor.

For the International Relations analyst, it is important to consider that, during the war, the information services of Ukraine and Russia have information that is not accessible to international public opinion. That is why, despite the fact that the person responsible for the attack did not claim responsibility, the government of Vladimir Putin is already building a narrative to benefit from the case and harm the international image of Volodymyr Zelensky’s country: “Russian forces began to speculate and began to make important pronouncements with regard to saying that, if the Ukrainians were responsible for this, Ukraine will have to be recognized as a terrorist state, because a civilian target, without any military connection in the conflict, was attacked. So that would give Moscow an important argument in this media war.”

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