Tite says he will not coach Brazilian clubs in 2023

What will be the future of Tite after the dispute of the World Cup in Qatar? The coach has already outlined some plans for after the competition, which will be held between November and December of this year: according to him, nothing will make him continue in the Brazilian team.

In an interview with ‘Flow Sport Club’, this afternoon, Tite explained why he will not stay in Brazil and also stated that he will not accept any invitation from Brazilian clubs in 2023.

“No [tem chance de seguir na seleção]. It is a time of personal maturity, there are cycles. (…) We fight so hard to have a beginning, middle and end of a process. We made a lot of mistakes in four years and now we have reached the best version of the Brazilian team, with an impressive generation of wingers. All these constructions are decisive”, began the coach, before adding:

“Next year, I will allow myself to look outside the selections, from other situations, and stay with Dona Rose, who is my wife. I don’t know how long she will be happy with this (laughs). think of Tite as a coach [em 2023], he will not train. He can write wherever he wants, call me a liar, whatever he wants. he won’t have [Tite em 2023]. It’s a year I need to see my brother, my sister, my in-laws,” she added.

Also on the podcast, the coach of the Brazilian team praised striker Pedro, from Flamengo, and stated that the player ‘is calling up’. Ghana and Tunisia will be Brazil’s last commitments before the final call for the Cup. The friendlies will take place on September 23 and 27.

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