Your Past Condemns You | Meet the Execrable Films of Great Actors – Part 1

As they say, you have to take the first step. All consecrated actors had to start at some point and, not always, the first job is that drama or thriller from a renowned director.

There are rare cases of the first film roles that have already earned an Oscar nomination. Same Haley Joel Osment nominated at age 11 by Sixth Sense (1999), from M. Night Shyamalan, had previously worked on 22 other productions. Among them, four were films for the cinema, one of them was the role of the son of Forrest Gumpin the 1994 film of the same name.

Another recent case is the fabulous performance of Austin Butler, like the immortal singer in the movie Elvis. Predicted as one of the likely nominees for the 2023 Oscars, the 31-year-old actor started young in cameos in sitcoms such as Hannah Montana, Icarly, The Carrie Diaries and arrow.

So he’s come a long way from the Tex Watson character in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019), from Quentin Tarantino and, finally, a protagonist. The rest of the story we will see at the Oscars ceremony in March next year.

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I believe that at this point you have understood the purpose of the list, let’s choose a key film, that is, shameful, from actors currently renowned and even nominated for an Oscar. This is the first part, because there are many examples. If you like it, we take more filenames.

The aforementioned film is a modern adaptation of the tale of Cyrano De Bergerac and has a 16% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes (RT). With an Oscar nomination for 127 hours (2010), James Franco made many films of dubious taste, see Annapolis (2006) and Did it have to be Him? (2016)

After the teen romantic comedy Chasingstardom arrived when James Franco incarnated Peter Parker’s best friend in Spider man (2002) and won several awards. Among serious roles such as The Disaster Artist (2018), and another more playful, Spring Breakers: Dangerous Girls (2012) and It’s the end (2013), its current notoriety is undeniable.

On the other hand, your partner in Chasing, Shane West, never achieved the same success in cinema. His best-known film is the teen romance A love to remember (2002) and participation in series, such as gotham (2019). In other words, not everyone can thrive in Hollywood.

Long before he enchanted Gen Z as Albus Dumbledore in the saga fantastic beasts, Jude Law starred in the bizarre romantic comedy irresistible attraction (1998). In the plot, the actor plays Danny, a young man who grew up believing he was destined to marry the girl he helped give birth to at the age of five. Some time later, he looks for the girl and does everything to marry her.

With 33% approval on RT, the film is one of the worst of the actor’s career. The year before, he had participated in the great sci-fi Gattaca – Genetic Experience (1997), alongside Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

To prove that this film is just a flaw in the matrix, Jude Law starred soon after The Talented Ripley (1999) and earned an Oscar nomination. Then came another indication by cold mountain (2003) and dozens of nominations for the dramatic Closer – Too Close (2004).

Directed by Tom Dey (wedding season), Love Frames is the past karma of two Hollywood stars with a 23% approval rating on RT. In season, Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper they were known for making mockery films, that is, “loka life” comedies.

McConaughey made his film debut and marked his era in the adorable Young, Crazy and Rebels (1993), from Richard Linklatershortly thereafter he played several short roles in comedies and dramas, such as only them (1995), with Drew Barrymoreuntil starring in two famous romantic comedies in the 2000s and being marked by the heartthrob style [feio] of the genre, they are: The Wedding of My Dreams (2001), alongside Jennifer Lopezand How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), alongside Kate Hudson.

three years later came Love Frames (2006), alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, in which he plays a grown man who doesn’t want to leave his parents’ house. Soon after, he starred My Adorable Ex-Girlfriends (2009), with Jennifer Garner. And, among them, there was still the insipid A Treasure Love (2008), again with Kate Hudson.

After a flurry of sameness, the actor began to breathe new air and impress the audience with Killer Joe – Killer for Hire (2011) and, two years later, hits theaters Dallas Buyers Club (2013), for which the actor wins an Oscar and enters Hollywood’s A-level at last. Since then, he’s had just two other hits, a great tip in the wolf of Wall Street (2013), and the astronaut from interstellar (2014), by Christopher Nolan, but remains in class A.

You know those American camp movies that were released every year during the northern hemisphere summer? The spectators of Afternoon sessionat Globo, and Home cinemaon SBT, were flooded with the genre between the 1990s and early 2000s. One of them is the parody Another American Summerin which Bradley Cooper starred in a homosexual relationship with the right to marriage, but even so the film has a 37% rating on RT. THE Netflix launched a miniseries based on the comedy in 2015.

Since that debut, looking like a heartthrob who doesn’t know how to act, Cooper has been relegated to supporting roles for many years. He was friends with the protagonist in Love Frames (2006); the arrogant fiance of Good Beak Penetrators (2005); colleague of Jim Carey in Yes sir (2008) and a trash boy in He’s Not That Into You (2009).

without forgetting the hideous crazy passion (2009) with 6% approval from critics and audiences on RT and considered one of the worst films in history. In the same year, Cooper’s fortunes changed as he starred in the out-of-the-box comedy. If You Drink, Don’t Marry (2009), from Todd Phillips (joker) and its sequels.

From there, he won two serious starring roles in the curious No Boundaries (2011) and the monotonous The words (2012). For better or for worse, he managed to be cast as the lead in the David O. Russell, The good side of life, alongside a brilliant cast. Thus, he caught the attention of the Hollywood Academy and won an unexpected nomination.

So he entered the Squadron classbecame a raccoon at Marvel, turned Lady Gaga into a movie star and starred the last movie of Guillermo Del Toro.

Such as Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans started in the movies with “cute but ordinary” characters. The list of films considered bad by critics is huge, but we start with their debut. After the success of All the World in Panic (2000), Columbia Pictures bet on making a parody of the high school moviesbut the comedy footprint has gone far and we only see constraints in the scene, with 30% on RT.

This is just the beginning of an endless scale of films much more or less, like Full mark (2004), with 13% in RT; the suspense Cell (2004), alongside Kim Basinger, with a level of 56%; in addition to the Human Torch in Fantastic Four (2005), slammed by critics, with 28% approval, etc.

Before becoming Captain America and fending off the karma of weird characters for a while, he participated as one of Ramona Flowers’ ex-boyfriends (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) in Scott Pilgrim Versus the World (2010). In 2012, the same year that Captain America: The First Avenger hit the screens, three months later it was released What’s your Number?a silly romantic comedy with Anna Faris.

If it wasn’t for Captain America in the life of Chris Evanshe would still be in ridiculous roles to this day, see his return to the past with Lloyd Hansen in hidden agent (2002), from Netflix.

Who else do you believe has a past of dubious talent in film? Leave it here in the comments to enter the second part of this list.

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