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Apple is expected to start production of the iPhone 14 at factories in India just two months after production began in China, according to a Bloomberg report published on Tuesday (23). Among the reasons for the decision would be the fear that the Foxconn factory in that country will not be able to maintain secrecy about the next generation of the iPhone, as happens in Chinese factories.

In addition, Apple still would not be convinced that the Indian unit would be able to follow the same quality standards in the construction of the cell phone. In previous launches, production in the Indian country started between six to nine months later, which represents a large reduction in time. On the other hand, experts consulted by the news portal believed that manufacturing could start at the same time.

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According to Bloomberg, Apple has been working with parts suppliers in India to increase production in that country, as a way to reduce dependence on Chinese factories. The big problem is that the United States has been under pressure from the Xi Jinping government since the American country began business talks with Taiwan, after the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Even so, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities Group believes that Apple will ship iPhone 14 shipments from the aforementioned countries at roughly the same time, which would be a milestone in the quest to diversify production and create redundancy. The move would also allow Apple to increase its supply chain.

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The first iPhone 14 units in India are expected to leave factories between the end of October and the beginning of November, with the initial launch of the device held for September, according to people surveyed by Bloomberg.

Apple and Foxconn, believe that a simultaneous production between the two countries can still occur in the near future and remains on the radar of both companies. However, a spokesman for the Cupertino Giant declined to comment on the rumors, and a representative of the Chinese company did not respond to Bloomberg until the publication of the respective article.

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