Apple iPhone 13 dominates North American cellphone market; Best-selling Galaxy S22 Ultra 6

Apple and Samsung are the two largest cell phone manufacturers in the world, so it is no secret that the rivalry between the tech giants generates competition for higher sales volumes in different regions. THE channels published this Tuesday (22) a market survey that shows which of the brands is most popular in North America.

According to the report, Apple continued to dominate the North American market in Q2 2022, occupying six of the ten positions in the ranking of best-selling cell phones in the period in question. Samsung appears in 6th place with the Galaxy S22 Ultra; 8th place with the Galaxy A13, the “cheap” launched in March in Brazil; and 10th place with the Galaxy S22.

Motorola managed to place one of its cell phones among the ten best sellers. The Moto G Power (2022) seems to have been a relative success in the entry-level cellphone segment with its MSRP of just US$199, which translates to around R$1,019.

Some interesting data can be extracted from the graph of the channels. It is possible to observe that the 3rd generation iPhone SE surpassed the sales of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but it does not overcome the high demand for the iPhone 13. The most compact model of the current generation, the iPhone 13 mini, still suffers from low demand and loses value for the iPhone 12.

Although it doesn’t have the same demand as its North American rival, Samsung has had good results in North America. The research firm claims that the Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen is a good differentiator between top cell phones with Android, making the South Korean flagship even more popular than the Galaxy S22.

Samsung grew a percentage point more than Apple when comparing the earnings of both companies in the 2nd quarter of 2022 to the same period in 2021. Apple, on the other hand, holds 52% market share against 26% of the Asian rival. . Motorola is in 3rd place, benefiting from the departure of LG and the sanctions imposed against Huawei.

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In the field of cheaper phones, the Galaxy A13 competes fiercely with the Moto G Power (2022), but Motorola has shown more popularity in this segment. Both excelled in sales compared to the iPhone 13 mini and Galaxy S22.

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The market analysis company notes that some more advanced models – such as the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 – did not have the expected success in the last quarter, and the phenomenon can be explained with the current economic scenario in North America.

The performance of the 3rd generation iPhone SE, Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 is worse than initially expected. Declining purchasing power is forcing buyers who would normally consider devices costing between $250 and $600 (about R$1,299–R$2,999) to look for cheaper options as they feel the financial pressure of inflation on daily expenses.

Brian Lynch
Canalys Research Analyst

Decline in overall sales

Looking at the general balance of the North American market, there was a 6% drop in sales from all manufacturers combined. This is the second consecutive month that the industry has been shrinking due to different factors.

“A combination of high inflation, waning consumer confidence and an economic slowdown is reducing demand in North America, which was once the most resilient market in the world,” says Runar Bjørhovde, research analyst at channels.

The expectation is that manufacturers respond to the decrease in sales with investments in marketing and promotions that accelerate shipments of current stock, causing cheaper cell phones to lose ground over the next few quarters.

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