Arana takes advantage of a press conference to give his opinion on protests at Galo training

Dissatisfied with the results that the Alético team has been presenting, the organized crowd Galoucura went to the team’s training center to demand a reaction from the team that was defeated last Saturday (20), at home, by 1 to 0 to Goiás . Guilherme Arana was one of the athletes who stopped to listen to the fans’ complaints and believes that the team should focus on winning,

“About the charge at the CT door, they came to show their dissatisfaction. Have the right. They didn’t attack anyone, they just talked. Its valid. The climate is one of talking little and working more, for victories to return”, explains Arana.

The attitude divided opinions, but the pressure may have come at the right time, as Atlético fights for the direct spot in Libertadores, as a great goal for the sequence of the season. The team faces América Mineiro in the next match that will take place on Sunday (28), at Independência, at 4 pm. Galo occupies the seventh position of the Brazilian Championship table, with only 35 points, 14 away from the leader Palmeiras.

Hulk gets out of the car to talk to the crowd

Atlético is experiencing a completely different moment from 2021, when it won the Campeonato Mineiro, left the 50-year lineup without winning the Brazilian Championship, in addition to giving the fans the double of the Copa do Brasil. In 2022 the sequence did not remain, the Minas Gerais club won the Supercopa do Brasil, in addition to another state one, but was eliminated early in the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores.

Idol of Massa Atleticana, Hulk was booed in the defeat against Goiás, but made a point of getting out of the car, unlike his teammates, to show himself willing to listen to the dissatisfaction of the fans. Galoucura made it clear that in the same way that it supports, travels hours to encourage the team, it should also have the right to charge and Hulk stated that the team does not lack will.

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