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THE Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) released this Wednesday, the 24th, details of the 2022 Copa Verde. In all, 24 teams are accredited to compete in this year’s regional competition.

The tournament is set to begin on October 25th. From the first phase to the quarter-finals, the clashes will be in single games. In the semifinals and final, the duels will be back and forth.

According to a letter sent by the CBF, clubs need to confirm their participation by 12:00 this Friday, the 26th. If there is any withdrawal, there will be no substitution.

Criteria and participating clubs

Have been state champions in 2021 (or Selective Tournament in which at least four clubs from the first professional division of the regional championship participate) organized by the 12 participating affiliated federations.

  • Rio Branco (AC)
  • Train (AP)
  • Manaus (AM)
  • Brazilian (DF)
  • Real Northwest Capixaba (ES)
  • Gremio Esportivo Anapolis (GO)
  • Cuiabá (MT)
  • Costa Rica (MS)
  • Paysandu (PA)
  • Real Ariquemes (RO)
  • Sao Raimundo (RR)
  • Tocantinópolis (TO)

Have been state runner-up in 2021, organized by the eight best-ranked federations in the National Ranking of Federations/2022. According to the regulation of the 2021 Capixaba Championship, the vacancy referring to this criterion is intended for the club that obtained the first place in the Selective Tournament. In other words, Nova Venecia.

  • Vila Nova (GO)
  • Várzea-Grandense (MT) worker
  • Tuna Luso (PA)
  • Sao Raimundo (AM)
  • Humaitá (AC)
  • Ceilândia (DF)
  • Nova Venecia (ES)
  • Nautical (RR)

The top four clubs ranked in the 2022 National Club Ranking (RNC), affiliated to participating federations. Teams already classified using the previous criteria are excluded.

  • Atlético-GO 16th place (RNC)
  • Goiás 23rd place (RNC)
  • rowing 42nd place (RNC)
  • Luverdense 60th place (RNC)

Format and expected dates

The first stage will feature the 16 worst clubs positioned in the RNC. There will be eight duels, in a single game, classifying eight teams for the second phase. The round of 16 and quarter-finals will also be decided in a single match. Only the semifinals and final will be in home and away matches.

  • 1st phase – October 25th
  • Round of 16 – October 29
  • Quarter Finals – November 1st
  • Semifinals – November 5th and 8th
  • Final – November 12th and 15th

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