Denuvo Creators Announce Emulation Blocker for Nintendo Switch Games

The company promises that it guarantees that games will only be able to run on original hardware without loss of performance.

Responsible for creating the Denuvoprotection software for games known for harming its performances on the PC, Irdeto announced this Wednesday (24) a new solution for Nintendo Switch. The company claims that, with its new software, it will be able to prevent titles developed for the hybrid platform from being easily played on computer emulators.

Emulating any Nintendo Switch game on PC is easy. And there are almost 4,500 of them available today. Some gamers emulate titles on launch day, playing them without spending a dime. By securing your game with our solution, you force all players to buy”, states the company on its official website.

According to the technology promotion page Nintendo Switch Emulation Protection, it can be easily integrated into the development process of any game. Irdeto’s promise is that protection is capable of differentiate between original console hardware and emulation and that it does not bring any performance loss to the games in which it is used.

Protection technology is met with criticism

The dissemination of the new protection technology was received with several criticisms on social networks — something natural, given the bad reputation that Denuvo has accumulated among players in recent years. On Twitter, there seems to be a consensus that blocking emulators won’t fulfill your mission and may end up encouraging more people to emulate Switch games in response.

The irony is that this will only lead to more people pirating Switch games, as they will now have to download the games online with this removed instead of ripping the games themselves.”, stated user @Mayo_Doctor. There are also several comments putting in doubt the promise that the lock will not impair game performance.

After all the companies removing Denuvo from official versions of games because it screws up performance, do you really want to put this on a Tegra X1?”, asks @Eddzorz. Until the moment there is no information on which companies are interested in protectionand it appears that Irdeto is still in the phase of building its initial portfolio of clients for the new technology.

Domain expires and games protected by Denuvo are down

Domain expires and games protected by Denuvo are down
The service continues to infuriate players


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