Galo: journalist says that, with Cuca, renewal does not guarantee permanence

Cuca, t
photo: Pedro Souza / Atltico

Cuca, Atlético coach, during training at Cidade do Galo

Sports commentator Ivana Negro said that a contract renewal between Atltico and Cuca does not guarantee the coach’s permanence for 2023. This Wednesday (24), during the program “Football 360‘, gives ‘ESPN‘, the journalist said that the main objective of the current alvinegro commander is taking over the Brazilian team after the Qatar World Cup.

“It’s no use renewing now. I talk and it even seems like an implication. When he left Galo, at the end of last year, he had a contract in force. And he paid the fine to leave. So, signing a contract now doesn’t guarantee that he’ll stay for next year. This is not an opinion, a fact,” said the commentator.

At the end of 2021, despite having had a great season, Cuca left Atltico to take care of personal matters. A situation similar to what happened in 2013, when the captain opened negotiations to transfer to another team during the Club World Cup – a competition in which Galo qualified for having won the Copa Libertadores.

Brazilian national team

Currently, Cuca has a contract with Atltico until the end of this season. For Ivana Negro, the coach did not sign a longer relationship with the white-and-white club, as he has the objective of taking over the national team after the Qatar World Cup. Coach Tite has already stated that he will leave Brazil at the end of the tournament.

“Today, he has a contract until the end of the year with Galo, because yes, Cuca thinks about the Brazilian National Team. don’t want to commit to Galo because he’s really focused on that, on going to the national team”, said Ivana.

“I think that, coming from Cuca’s history, that’s cool. Because you look: ‘I’m tired of breaking ties and jumping off the boat. I want to be transparent. the Brazilian National Team. The vacancy will open, and I am a candidate’. I think it’s valid. Now, it’s up to the Rooster to think about whether he’s going to be a hostage to that or not,” he added.

The football currently presented by Atltico is not similar to last season. In six games of Cuca in charge of alvinegro since the return, the team added only one victory, in addition to three defeats and two draws – profit of 27.7%. There were nine goals conceded and five made.

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