Google’s market research app launches on the Play Store

Market research is often a source of extra income online often chosen by various types of users. Many survey sites and applications pay in dollars and, in a few minutes, you can leave your review, whether it’s about a product you’ve used or that the company – which wants to be evaluated – sent for a test.

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Google recently created its own product review tool. It is even available on the Play Store for download. Check out more information about the Online Insights Study app:

Online Insights Study

Many people don’t know this, but companies do pay considerable amounts to get some feedback from real users about their products. The fastest way to reach an audience on a national or global level is to use the internet to bridge that gap. And of course not only they win in this story! Countless internet users (and consumers!) receive extra income through these reviews.

However, you need to be aware, whether you are a businessman or a consumer, because many sites promise absurd amounts of money, amounts in euros or dollars and even an evaluation amount for a very low price… because their goal is always the same: to release a virus to steal your data.

Google: a safe alternative

It’s almost impossible not to use at least one of Google’s applications. Whether the search site or Gmail, for example, they are already embedded in our daily lives. As it is an extremely secure multinational, it is very likely that companies wishing to conduct market research will choose to use the Online Insights Study platform for this purpose. Likewise, soon users who want to leave their reviews must migrate to this platform.

What is Google’s goal with this app?

The company wants to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome. This way, Google Ads will have a higher quality indicator about the products that are advertised on its platform. They state that they will not use the information collected in this application to serve you mandatory ads, that is, you can choose whether you want Google to collect your data or not.

How will registration and payment work on the platform?

Unlike the usual platforms, Google will not make payment in cash or in dollars, but in points that can be exchanged for gift cards.

  • Participants must request an invitation code to participate in the survey tool;
  • Participants eligible to participate can earn points for each evaluation. These points can be redeemed for gift cards ranging from $10 per month to $130 per year as a bonus;
  • Enrolled participants receive a bonus point award.

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