How to disable the pre-approved loan button in the Nubank app?

O Nubank offers personal loan service with a pre-approved amount. In practice, to whom the resource is available, the hiring option is right on the application’s home page, which can be seen as a lack of security for many customers.

That’s because, if someone manages to gain access to your account, they will easily have the ability to take out the loan in your name. The good news is that it is possible to disable the personal loan in the app. See more details below.

How to disable the loan button in the Nubank app?

Take out the loan tab on the homepage of the app Nubank It’s quite simple. However, help from the company’s support is required. That is, you need to contact fintech.

So, just access the gang app and tap on the “Help Me” option (in the form of a question mark, located in the upper right corner of the home screen. Once this is done, tap on “Talk to us“, at the bottom of the page .

To proceed with the operation, request the blocking with the attendants. Before deactivating the feature, the fintech explains that the customer will be able to reverse the block, but will need to contact the company again.

Nubank launches new relationship program; see how it works

O Nunos It is a free service and it works through rewards granted according to the accomplishment of some missions by the clients. The objective is to make the person make the most of Nubank’s tools, such as credit card, Pix, among others.

According to fintech, the main objective is “to enable people to get closer to their personal goals, with incentives to save, learn about finance and investments”. In addition, the program aims to “recognise customers who choose to use Nubank products as a financial life partner”.

What will be the rewards of Nunos’ missions?

Upon completing all the quests for the month set by Nunos, a surprise Chest will be unlocked with the reward. According to the digital bank, the first tasks will be simple, such as using the debit card to pay a boleto, for example.

However, the more the customer dedicates himself to fulfilling the missions, the more chance he will have to receive the Super Chest, which will have exclusive rewards. Nubank cited 5 award options as an example, see:

  • Discount coupons for iFood;
  • Discount coupons for Shopee;
  • Discounts on various streaming services;
  • Exclusive Nubank bottle;
  • Nubank Mobile Insurance with cashback.

However, it is important to note that, so far, Nunos has not been made available to all customers, as it is in the test phase with people selected by fintech.

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