Intel Arc A380 graphics card runs Crysis at 1080p at over 60 FPS

Game was released in 2007 and will be 15 years old in November

The portal PCGamesHardware performed its tests with a video card Intel Arc A380 and reported that it successfully solves one of the oldest computer performance challenges: running the game crisis satisfactorily. Hmmmmm just one but, the game was released in 2007 and in November it will be 15 years old.

Using the Intel Arc 380 Photon OC by GUNNIRthe site tested the original version of crisis (not the remaster!), which uses the DirectX 10 API running at 1080p resolution. The quality settings were left on very high – and Intel’s affordable GPU managed to run between 60 and 70 FPS, in less intense moments it reached 80 FPS, good results for those who lived the time of the game’s launch, that running it at 30FPS was a “soap opera”. According to the website, even the card being optimized for DX12, did not occur frame-stutteringfinishing the tests well.

About Intel Arc A380

Reference card with GPU Intel Arc A380 it has Clock GPU set to 2450 MHz, with 6 GB of memory GDDR6 working at 15.5Gbps and 186GB/s bandwidth.

Theoretically, a current input card has the obligation to behave well in a game as old as Crysis, being even curious how the case ends up gaining so much prominence because it is such an old game and based on DX10, an API that has been outdated for many years .

We’ve already published a gameplay video and a text review of the ASRock Arc A380, showing how it fares against several other models.


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