“iPhone 14”: without much news, Apple bets on the Pro line

the launch of the line “iPhone 14” is very close and, with that, forecasts about the sales of the devices that will be launched by Apple appear. Lately, regular iPhones — without the Pro name — have dominated, but now Apple seems to be betting a good part of its chips on “professional” devices.

According to an analyst post Ross Young for your Super Followers on Twitter, production and shipping data for the screens used in the new devices show that Apple has ordered more displays for the “iPhones 14 Pro”. Therefore, this data may indicate an expectation by Apple for the sales of these devices to be more significant.

When it comes to submissions, the “iPhone 14 Pro Max” has the highest percentage at 28%. The “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14” account for around 26% each, while the future new model “iPhone 14 Max” (with a 6.7-inch screen) would be last, with only 19%.

When it comes to just production, the ranking is similar: the “iPhone 14 Pro Max” has the largest share (29%) and the “iPhone 14 Max” ends up with the lowest percentage in terms of screen production (19 %).

Posting volumes of “iPhone 14”, “14 Max”, “14 Pro” and “14 Pro Max” to my Super Followers now. Which model has the highest volumes per month and up to September?

The “Pro Max” is the highest. “Max” is the lowest, but it is gaining a lot of ground in September.

It is easy to understand why Apple bet its chips on the Pro models, since the other devices, for the first time, will not have a processor update – as rumors suggest -, remaining with the chip A15 Bionic released last year.

In addition, they will also not have any major visual changes — unlike the Pro models, which, in addition to being equipped with the supposed “A16” chip, will also lose the notch and will gain a double hole to attach the front camera and Face ID.

In this way, buying the “iPhone 14” or the “iPhone 14 Max” for those who have a more recent device, especially those thinking of migrating from the iPhones 12 or 13, will not make much sense. In the end, the big difference will be in the model number…

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