Is your cell phone heating up when charging? See what it can be!

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Modern smartphones are powerful machines. Most phones today have an integrated hardware solution for cooling. Devices perform optimally in a narrow temperature range and may occasionally feel hot to the touch.

However, they can also overheat for various reasons, as some models of mobile devices do not have an efficient cooling system to prevent this. Check out in this article some of the reasons to be with your cell phone heated when charging.

Your phone may be overheating for one of these reasons!

When diagnosing an overheating device, you should consider two components: the processor and the battery. When the processor gets too hot, performance suffers and the phone slows down or limits some features.

So, if your phone seems to get too hot when charging it, be aware of the following factors:

Overload for use

One of the reasons that your cell phone may heat up while charging is if you are using your phone while it is charging. The phone battery is carrying out chemical reactions while it recharges, which is why it is producing more heat than usual. As a result, avoid using your phone during these times as you will overload your device.

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Also, if the problem persists, you can close the apps that are running in the background.

ambient temperature

Another factor that can help make your device warmer while it charges is the temperature of the room you are in. The maximum temperature for a cell phone to work normally is 35 degrees. When the temperature is high, the phones usually alert the user by displaying a message to be careful, causing the phone to go into safe mode.

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lack of ventilation

It is very common for people to plug their cell phone into the socket and leave it charging on the bed, sofa or any other soft surface. However, this greatly impairs heat dissipation. The ideal is to always leave your device on a hard and flat surface while charging.

Another factor that can contribute to heating up when charging the cell phone is the type of protective case used. The reason is the same as the previous one: impair heat dissipation.

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