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The last two matches of coach Elano Blumer in front of Náutico were marked by a strained relationship with midfielder Jean Carlos, idol of the fans and main name of the Pernambuco club in the last three seasons. First, for having left the player on the bench throughout the match against Guarani, something unheard of for the number 10 at Timbu, and in the next game, against Vila Nova, in Aflitos, due to an argument on the pitch.

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This Wednesday, Jean Carlos gave the first press conference after the two episodes. He acknowledged that he was upset at not being called on against Guarani, but said he respected it. As for the discussion, the midfielder stated that he fell to the ground, at the beginning of the play that resulted in Vila Nova’s equalizing goal, at the request of Elano. And that he had the reaction of going up to the coach after being charged by him.

Jean Carlos argues with Elano during the game against Vila Nova — Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

– To be honest, I didn’t understand until now what happened. I’ve been here for three years and I’ve never had any problems with the coach or other people at the club. I’m a player who is driven by history never leaves a game on a stretcher. I don’t like it, I don’t have the patience to stay on the floor. With thirty minutes I asked to leave because I was exhausted and he asked me to fall – started Jean Carlos.

– I didn’t want to fall, because as I said I don’t like it. But respecting the coach’s decision and the fact that I didn’t have anyone prepared to take my place, I understood and fell. Unfortunately the play came out and we took the goal. And when I looked at the edge of the field, he had that reaction on me. The moment I saw that it was me, I was pissed off – continued shirt 10.

Nautico loses to Vila Nova and returns to Serie B lantern

Nautico loses to Vila Nova and returns to Serie B lantern

– I did what he asked, something I don’t like to do, and he has that reaction on the edge of the field? Throwing the responsibility on me? If that reaction was any other time I would put my head down and accept it. I use last year’s example. No matter how demanding we were with Hélio dos Anjos, I never had any problems. My reaction was because he asked me to fall and right after we scored, he had that reaction to me.

The midfielder also said that he followed Elano’s press conference in the locker room after the match, and also didn’t like what he heard. At the time, the then coach alvirrubro said that the complaint occurred because Jean Carlos did not reinforce the marking in Vila Nova’s counterattack.

Elano Blumer talks about discussion with Jean Carlos: "I have to charge, I'm a coach"

Elano Blumer talks about discussion with Jean Carlos: “I have to charge, I’m a coach”

“After the game I didn’t have any more contact with Elano. I saw his interview and I was a little upset because he could have explained what happened. Ali hinted that there was a coach charge and I didn’t accept it. That’s not what happened” , replied Jean Carlos.

Regarding the reserve in the game against Guarani, the “magic”, as he is called by the fans, said that he learned that he would only be a reserve in the changing rooms of the Golden Ring. But he respected the decision.

– It was his decision. To be quite honest, I already imagined (that it could be a reservation). But it wasn’t until I arrived in the locker room that I found out that I wasn’t going to play. I didn’t, obviously. But I respected. When a player accepts to stay on the bench, he has to get his things and ask to leave –

Finally, despite the disagreements, Jean Carlos guarantees that he did not hold grudges against his former coach. And he claimed to be cheering for Elano.

– I have nothing against Elano. May God bless his career. He had a wonderful career as a player and may he have a great one as a coach. Zero problem with him. If by chance we face each other one day, I’ll make a point of saying hello – he concluded.

Guarani goalkeeper shines and draws Náutico in Serie B

Guarani goalkeeper shines and draws Náutico in Serie B

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