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You know when you open LinkedIn and come across that important post about “winning at life”? This can come from an excited moment of the person, wanting to show an overcoming or turning point in their trajectory. However, there is a page that does all this work for you. O Viral Post Generator uses an AI to create perfect texts with that coach face.

LinkedIn logo
LinkedIn (Image: Vitor Padua / Tecnoblog)

When visiting the site, the user sees a simple page, which does not ask for any registration. There are spaces for phrases that need to be defined, but unfortunately everything is in English. That is, there is no way to create posts in Portuguese (it is necessary to translate later).

The person needs to fill in these three spaces:

  • What did you do today;
  • Inspirational advice;
  • Cringe level (shame on others).
Viral Post Generator front page (Image: Playback / Internet)
Viral Post Generator front page (Image: Playback / Internet)

If you want, you can open more options to add your LinkedIn name and a photo to make the post more complete. Once you are satisfied, just click the “Write a Post” button and wait for the AI ​​to do its work.

The result is curiously similar to thousands of texts on the social network of professionals, focusing on personal victory and leaving a message of hope.

Textão result (Image: Reproduction / Internet)
Textão result (Image: Reproduction / Internet)

At first, we can see that not everything fits perfectly in my sentences. The expression “believe in yourself” (believe in yourself) should have been changed to the first person singular, for example. Still, since it’s all just a joke, I think we can let go.

Viral Post Generator was created by Tom Orbach in 2022.

LinkedIn posts are not always beneficial

The social network can help many people find their next job by providing valuable tips and golden opportunities. However, if the individual has high levels of anxiety, texts about victories and sacrifices can bring up bad feelings.

Messages about rejecting the rest to be the hardest worker in your company come in droves, as do candidate exposures from recruiters. All this can hinder those looking for new jobs, as it presents a dark side of companies.

The joke that the Viral Post Generator makes can be considered a satire, but it is also a criticism of LinkedIn. That’s because, the false sense of being in a perfect world between bosses and employees is something we should discuss more often.

Do you use the social network? What do you think of her?

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